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RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and Summit on Slain Pakistani Governor Salmaan Tasee Today on BlogTalkRadio

michael-steele13Michael Steele: The RNC Chairman weighs in on his progress since being elected in 2009—and how the GOP has harnessed the power of the Tea Party. “I became chairman at a time when no one would identify themselves as a Republican,” he tells New Captains of Industry host George Jarkesy, “let alone run for office as one.” Mike also boasts that he’s been instrumental in amassing a much larger war chest than his rivals. “The party smashed through every record in terms of money raised in a midterm election by any party committee whose party is out of power, meaning we didn’t control the White House, we didn’t control the Congress, we didn’t control the Sentate,” he says. “We raised $192 million over the last two years—which is 47 percent more than the Democrats did they were in the exact same position we were in, in 2006.”

salmaan-taseer1Salmaan Taseer: 1944-2011: The governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province was assassinated Tuesday in the capital city of Islamabad by his own security guard. SAJA host Sree Sreenivasan presents a one-hour special on what the horrific event means to U.S.-Pakistan relations—and to the ongoing war on terror.


James Frain: The actor who plays Franklin Mott on the hit HBO series True Blood—and who starred opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers on Showtime’s The Tudors—drops in on Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone to chat about his role as billionaire Peter Fleming on the new NBC superhero drama The Cape, starring David Lyons in the title role.

michael-fairmanMichael Fairman: The host of the ever-popular On-Air On-Soaps podcast drops in on BlazinRy host Ryan Holmes to reveal his picks for Best and Worst in Soaps of 2010, and to chat about the whirlwind year in daytime dramas—and web soaps—that was.

kenny-gamble11Kenny Gamble: The songwriter who—with partner Leon Huff—was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 for having penned and produced more than 170 hits, including Billy Paul’s Me and Mrs. Jones and The O’Jays’ Love Train, hangs with WDKK Radio’s Darryl Williams.

joe-vitale1Joe Vitale: The star of the hit, Oprah-touted flick The Secret—who was formerly homeless and today runs Hypnotic Marketing—chats with Gab with the Gurus host Connie Bennett about his book Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More.

erin-coscarelli1Eric Coscarelli: The fearless sports reporter—who hosted the 2008 World Series of Poker for ESPN and the ACIS Fitness Championships for Fox College Sports—drops in on Cuttin’ Up Radio host Christina Laiche to chat about the current gridiron season and her recent rodeo work.

mashing-radio-mainCES 2011 Coverage: Mashing Radio host Peter Biddle is live in Las Vegas for the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show—and on the hunt for news and events that have fallen through the cracks (as well as those making headlines), from apps to cars to “convertibles.”

Daily Highlights; August 3, 2010

justin-bresciaAt 8 PM Artists on Demand hangs with “Justin Bobby” Brescia—aka The Hills hottie Audrina Partridge’s bad-boy beau—who’ll fill us in on what’s up with his band, EdstanleY, which he describes as “a 3-piece inferno of soulful fury born in the depths of a Huntington Beach garage.”

At 10 AM Elisa Donovan, who played Amber Mariens on the ABC series Clueless, stops by to update us on her wealth of showbiz projects, including turning her one-woman show, Sweet Dreams, into a book, and shooting the sequel to ABC Family’s The Dog Who Saved Christmas.

At 10 PM Buzzworthy Radio host NaVell Lee gets up close and personal with Lisa LoCicero, who plays Olivia Falconeri on General Hospital. Lisa will offer us a peek at what’s coming up on the show—like whether she’ll get busy (again) with Brandon Barash’s Johnny Zacchara.

At 8 PM Magnetic Wealth’s Nan Akasha goes one-on-one with Joe Vitale, who starred in the hit, Oprah-touted flick The Secret—and was formerly homeless. Now president of Hypnotic Marketing, Joe (above with pal James Caan), will chat about his new book, Attract Money Now.

At 7 PM Book Club Girl sits down with Emily Gray Tedrowe to discuss her maiden novel, Commuters, which tells the story of Winnie Easton, a 78-year-old woman who finds love with a wealthy Chicago businessman who has moved to a small town in upstate New York to begin life anew.

At 8 PM 123 Film!’s Sam Heer welcomes producer E. Bennett Walsh, who has brought to the silver screen such flicks as Knight and Day, Edge Of Darkness, Sate of Play and Kill Bill. The Hollywood powerhouse will be taking emailed questions about the biz.

*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.

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‘The Secret’ Teacher Joe Vitale: ‘Turn Off the Mainstream Media!’

It’s no secret that millions of people the world over – including Oprah Winfrey – have raved about the 2006 self-help flick The Secret.

Personally, we’ve been too busy to watch it – or read its companion best- selling book, Law of Attraction – so we’re not recommending it one way or the other.

Joe  oirt

"The mainstream media's job is to report worst-case scenarios," Joe (above) tells us. "If you're not a master of your own mentality, it'll go into your head."

But we can tell you that some we know swear by its belief, which holds that people’s thoughts dictate the reality of their lives.

That in turn means, as so-called New Thought writers will tell you, if you really want some- thing and truly believe getting it is possible, you will get it.

Today on The Masters Gathering Teleseminar, five such “personal-transformation” authors – include Joe Vitale and Hale Dwoskin, both of whom are featured in The Secret – come together to expound on their beliefs, particularly in light of the global economic crisis.

“We’re in this recession where five million people recently lost their jobs – so fighting stress is a challenge. There’s never been more disease or diabetes or detachment or depression.  How do you help people to break out of that state?” host Jim Kwik asks Joe.

“I tell them that the number-one thing to do – and if they do it, they will resolve just about every issue you mentioned – is to turn off the mainstream media,” says Joe, whose latest book is titled Expect Miracles.

“I just did a workshop and a realtor friend of mine came up to me and she said she was prosperous. She was closing these huge deals in a month when everybody was saying it was the blackest month – the worst time in history since the Great Depression,” he continues.

“I looked at her and I said, ‘What’s your secret? How are you doing so well when all the other brokers are saying, ‘I can’t sell anything.’?

“She said, ‘I’ve turned off the news.’ She quit feeding her mind all of the things that cause stress.

“If you’re listening to the mainstream news, its job is to go find or create and then report on the worst-case conditions possible. And if your mind isn’t prepared to block that, it’ll go into your head and the next thing you know, you are stressed out.”

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“The mainstream media’s job is to report on the worst-case conditions,” Joe (above) tells us. “If you’re not a master of your own mentality, it’ll go into your head.”

BlogTalkRadio Welcomes Jack LaLanne Grandfather of Fitness

10 years ago BlogTalkRadio host Connie Bennett kicked sugar and became “reborn,” and she’s celebrating with Part II of her Gab-With-Gurus health extravaganza featuring the one and only Jack LaLanne.

Jack LalanneToday at 3pm ET on Stop Sugar Shock, Connie brings you Part II of her unique radio event that brings you heath experts to reboot, rejuvenate and rev up your life. Today’s featured health experts featured include:

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