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It’s A Rich Edition of ‘The Mix’

As the adage goes, you can never be too rich or too thin.

And while we can’t vouch for the weights of this week’s Daily Mix guests, we can tell you that they’ve been blessed with riches of one sort or another.

You’ll learn, for instance:

—Why Land of the Lost director Brad Silberling says of his $20 million-a-flick star, Will Farrell, “He has absolutely no self-confidence.”

CAPTION: “They need something they can relate to or dance to,” Evelyn (above) tells us of pleasing the public with her wealth of disco picks.

“They need something they can dance to,” Evelyn (above) tells us of pleasing the public with her wealth of disco picks.

—Why Evelyn Champagne King says she loves all her hit songs equally.

—Why Rich Girl co-writer John Oates needs to take a break from working with fellow multi-platinum-sell- ing pop icon Daryl Hall.

—Why Tori Spelling – whose late dad, Aaron Spelling, was worth an estimated $500 million – says her kids are papar- azzi hounds.

—Why New York Times No. 1 bestselling author Charlaine Harris tells us she didn’t want to use the term “pulsating rod” in her work.

—Why funny lady Samaria Graham says of her grandma, “I don’t know what size her chest was. Maybe a triple, quadruple Q.”

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, tonight – and every Monday – at 9 p.m. ET!

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John Oates: Daryl Hall and I Must Go Our Separate Ways (to Stay Together)

Sounds like John Oates is enjoying his time away from Daryl Hall – at least for the time being.

CAPTION: “The kind of stuff that we do separately is pretty necessary for us to keep things going,” John (above) tells us of his and Daryl’s solo projects.

“The stuff we do separately is necessary for us to keep things going,” John (above) says of his and Daryl’s solo projects.

Interviewed on Rundgren Radio, half the duo responsible for such classic tunes as Rich Girl, Sara Smile and Private Eyes explains how his hit-making partnership with Daryl has remained a musical force for the past 35 years.

When a caller asks, “Is there any way you [and Daryl] are going to get together and write some songs as Hall & Oats?” John replies:

“I think we are. I don’t see why not.

“It’s just that – you have to re- member, we’ve been doing this for so long. And unless you re- charge the batteries in one way or another, it’s really hard to sustain,” continues John, whose latest solo album is titled 1000 Miles of Life.

“I would say a lot of artists would love to have the type of career we’ve had and the length of career we’ve had. And, really, the only way to continue to do that is to take a break.

“Because if you don’t, it’s only going to implode. And I think that’s really why we’re still together after all these years. Because we manage to do that.”

During the duo's heyday.

During the duo's heyday.

In all, Hall & Oates have recorded 21 albums and sold more than 80 million records – 10 of which have shot to No. 1 – making them arguably the most success- ful duo in pop history.

To hear John’s full interview – during which he also explains why he’s got emus and llamas in his backyard – click here.