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Embeddable Media Player Makes Syndicating Your Show a Snap

featuredfeatures2As promised, we’re back with Featured Features, the twice-monthly column for BlogTalkRadio hosts that focuses on our most usefull, inquired-about and cutting-edge technologies.

The focus of this edition? Placing your media player and show button on external websites and social networks.

The feature: Embeddable media player.

Available to: Both free and premium BlogTalkRadio hosts. Pro host can actually stream live on their websites.(Not a premium host yet? Click here to find our more about our premium packages.)

Where to find it: On your Profile Page.


How to use it: Below the media player on your Profile Page there’s an “Add this player to your websites” button. Click it and a new window will open, giving you three options: (1) Add the Single Player, (2) Add the Multi-Player and (3) Add the Button. Below each of those options, there is an embed code. Right-click with your mouse to highlight that code and select “Copy.” Then go into the admin page of your website and copy that code into wherever HTML code is added.

To add the player to your website, blog and social networks, go to the Gigya tool below the embed code boxes and click the “Post” button. A new window will open with a comprehensive list of networks, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo, and WordPress. Click any of the network buttons, enter your credentials, and the player will be posted on that respective network. For more details, check out the How to Post Your Player to Any Website screencast tutorial in our Learning Center.

The benefits: By posting the media player on your own websites and social networks you’re making it available to potential new listeners, who might not come directly to BlogTalkRadio. What’s more, your player can be syndicated by anyone wishing to post it on a website. And it’s not uncommon for other sites to do exactly that, particularly when your show offers content that enhances that of sites focused on the same subject matter.

Jon: Syndication maven.

Jon: Syndication maven.

What hosts say: “Last year I did a show on the Startup Founders Visa Program and, as is my practice, I provided my guest—Brad Feld—with the embed code for the BTR player, which he posted on his blog. Less than 48 hours after the live broadcast, the on-demand version had been downloaded more than 4,200 times! That’s a testament to the embeddable player being one of the most valuable features of the BlogTalkRadio platform. Like compound interest, it can significantly expand your listenership. So if you aren’t already entlisting the help of your guests in syndicating your show, you’d be wise to make like Johnny Appleseed and start today. You’ll be amazed at how fast your audience grows.”
—Jon Hansen, BlogTalkRadio’s PI Window on Business.

Coming up: Be sure to check back on Tues., Dec. 28 when we’ll cover switchboard moderation, including a primer on screening calls.

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Daily Highlights: Wednesday, September 1, 2010


At noon Icon Fetch’s Tony Peters welcomes Antonia Bennett, whose dad is jazz icon Tony Bennett—and whose own voice is reminiscent of Blossom Dearie. The diva will chat about her debut album ‘Natural‘ which features standards like Puttin’ on the Ritz and The Thrill Is Gone.

On Demand: Season 2 of Venice The Series debuts this month—and star Crystal Chappell has been dishing to Destini about the story line. “There’s a shower scene,” she tells us of the same-sex fling between Jessica Leccia and Nadia Bjorlin. But, adds executive producer Kim Turrisi, “It’s not in Episode 1.”

At 9 PM Comedian Stevie Mack—who began his career as an extra in opposite fellow BTR host Bill Cosby in 1974’s Uptown Saturday Night, before going on to write for The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show 23 years later—marks his 300th show on the network. (Way to go, Stevie!)

On Demand: To raise awareness of suicides promoted online, Jon Hansen welcomes Deborah Chevalier, the mother of Nadia Kajouji, an 18-year old Canadian student whose video blog foretold of her 2008 self-destruction by throwing herself in a river after struggling with postpartum depression.

At 2 PM The Empty Nesters’ Claudia Brown and Jill Fromer sit down with executive search firm owner Nicki Boscia Durlester, whose memoir, Beyond the Pink Moon, chronicles her journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer—as well as her mom’s stuggle with the same disease.

At 1 PM Laura “The Jazzy VegetarianTheodore grooves with Maribeth Abrams, the corporate chef for Vitasoy USA and a columnist for Vegetarian Voice Magazine, whose new book is titled The 4 Ingredient Vegan: Easy, Quick, and Delicious.

*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.

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Daily Highlights; April 22, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:

barbara-corcoran-scroller11 At 11 AM Money Matters & More host Heather Taylor sits down with real estate goddess—and star of ABC’s Shark Tank—Barbara Corcoran for a frank discussion about getting ahead in this decimated economic environment. And staying there.

kimberliedykeman-scoller1At 12:30 Self-help guru Kimberlie Dykeman, author of Pure Soapbox…a cleansing jolt of perspective, motivation, and humor, drops in on host Jon Hansen to chat about her kick-in-the-pants methods of helping people realize tomorrow’s dreams today.

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