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Mercury News Radio Debuts with College Hotline Sports Talk

From the passionate Buckeye fan to an unbiased college sports junkie to professional sports writers, BlogTalkRadio has sports covered. BlogTalkRadio welcomes San Jose Mercury News writers John Ryan and Jon Wilner with their inaugural college football show airing today.

John Ryan posted on his Mercury News’ “Morning Buzz: A Caffeinated Look at the World of Sports” a piece entitled “Listen, and talk, on the Buzz/Hotline Internet Radio Extravaganza.” He details the new BlogTalkRadio show College Hotline Sports Talk located at blogtalkradio.com/mercurynewsradio where Jon and John get down and dirty with college football. These two really know their stuff and we welcome their expertise to the fantastic mix of hosts and content covering sports on the network.

Wilner writes:

My co-host will be John “Morning Buzz” Ryan, a huge and extremely knowledgeable college football fan. He can rattle off Missouri’s starting offensive line like it’s nobody’s business.

Ryan writes:

I am by no means the star of this show. That’s Jon, who does, IMHO, just about the best college football blog there is. So please listen. I think you’ll be surprised at just how much information Wilner possesses on those nervous, prolific fingertips of his. And please call too. (The show will be archived if you can’t make it live. What, you have a job or something?)

No worries there for us East Coasters. These two just dole out the praise for each other, don’t they? But is it warranted?

Find out today. Their first show airs at 5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT. So call-in at (347) 215-8526 and match wits and wisdom with professional sports writers.