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Justin Bieber: His ‘Evil Eyes’ Pleased ‘CSI’ Creator Anthony Zuiker

What does the biggest pop star on the planet do while waiting around the set to film his first foray into prime-time TV?

Interviewed on Tomorrow Will Be Televised, CSI creator and executive producer Anthony Zuiker chats about working with Justin Bieber, who plays Jason McCann—a “troubled teen who is faced with a difficult decision regarding his only brother”—on Season 11 of the hit CBS series, which got under way Sept. 23.

Justin: A touch of De Niro?

Justin: A touch of De Niro?

“It was interesting. He definitely is a young boy,” Anthony tells host Simon Applebaum of the Baby singer.

“He likes to eat a lot of cake. And he likes to skateboard around the set. Does a lot of talking, which is interesting.

“He wasn’t prepared for us to change lines on the fly. So that was kind of a surprise to him. But our actors are professionals. They sat him down, worked the lines,” continues Anthony.

“They thought he did an admirable job acting inside the episode. He looked really Continue reading

Justin Bieber’s BFF Diggy Simmons: My Famous Family Hasn’t Helped with My Fame!

Ever since Justin Bieber brought Diggy Simmons onstage with him in Allentown, Pa., on Sept. 4 for the Baby remix, countless fans of the mop-topped superstar have been wondering, Just who is this Diggy?

Well wonder no more, because in December, the 15-year-old son of Run-DMC’s Rev Run Simmons—and nephew of music mogul Russell Simmons—sat with host Timothy Hodge for a full 15 minutes.

CAPTION: "I'm doing it all on my own, all by myself," Diggy (above with Justin) told us of his success. "The Internet is really pushing this."

"I'm doing it all on my own, all by myself," Diggy (above with Justin) told us of his success. "The Internet is really pushing this."

During that time, Diggy— whose new Space Age clothing line was (as calls it) “mentored” by hip-hop star Pharrell Williams—discussed how he got started as an MC.

“A lot of people think this is new to me, but I’ve been rapping since I was five years old,” said the First Flight singer.

“I was young, so people used to write my rhymes. And, you know, I kinda stopped rapping when I was like 10.

“And then this summer I had a lot to express. And ‘cause music isn’t something I’m like, Oh, you know, it’s cool to do-nah nah nah nah-my music is an expression of me. Each song that you hear Continue reading