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Justin Guarini Confirms He’s Tying Knot. (But It Wasn’t on Valentine’s Day, Guys)

EDITOR’S NOTE Sept. 25, 2009: To read Justin’s comments about his pending wedding to Reina, click here.

While the rest of the entertainment world may be abuzz with news that Justin Guarini‘s getting hitched, we aren’t exactly falling out of our seats.

How come?

Because we already fell out of seats four months ago – when the curly-locked pop star broke the news of his engagement to longtime gal pal Reina Capodici on his BlogTalkRadio show.


We’re going to have a gigantic party. And that’s what we want,” Justin (above) tells his BlogTalkRadio listeners.

At the time, Justin recounted how he got down on one knee and asked Reina to be his wife.

“I spoke to Bernie – Reina’s father – about [asking her to marry me]. And he was happy as can be. And I’d actually gotten the ring when I was in Afghanistan.  I knew what I wanted. I got a beautiful ring over there.

“So I came back with it. I had to keep it hidden for quite some time, because I knew I was going to propose to her sometime soon. And then I got this gig at Disney. So, I’m like, Dinsey’s the place where dreams come true. So why not – it’s my dream and hers.”

(Fast forward to Justin and Reina at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, where he was working on the new American Idol Experience – which had its official opening February 12. )

“There was this beautiful fireworks display. So I have the ring and we sit down at the table and – I didn’t even know [Disney was] going to do this – but there was a bottle of champagne there, there were desserts, strawberries, cannolis, grapes, you name it.  So we watched the fireworks show,” he says.


Unaware of his intention, Reina (above) practically ignored Justin when he first tried popping the question.

“And about halfway through, I’m getting a little nervous… So I turn to Raina and I say, ‘I love you. I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.’ So she’s like, ‘That’s really sweet, honey.’

“So I say it again, but I’m kind of dumbstruck.  And she lays her head on my shoulder while we’re watching the fireworks. And I’m praying that she doesn’t feel my heart beating.

“So the fireworks end and I turn and I look at her and say, ‘This is absolutely wonderful. I’m so glad you’re here with me. I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else.’

“So then we start kissing… And then I break out the box and I get one knee and I say, ‘Will you marry me?’”

And how did Reina react?

You’ll have to download the show to find out!

Justin wooing another lovely lady last week at the American Idol Experience opening.

Justin wooing another lovely lady last week at the American Idol Experience opening.

Two months after sharing the story of how he asked Reina to be his missus, the Amer- ican Idol runner-up revealed details of his big day, telling listeners that he and Reina are planning a summ- er wedding with about 500 people.

He also said he has a hot honey- moon spot picked out – if Reina approves it.

Meanwhile, on Valentine’s Day Access Hollywood reported that Justin had confirmed his engagement.

“I’m getting married in July and I just couldn’t be happier,” he told the show.

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