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‘Twilight’ Mania Grips BlogTalkRadio as ‘Eclipse’ Opens Nationwide

It all started back in April 2009 when Taylor Lautner dropped in on Stardish Radio from the set of New Moon to deliver the latest Twilight dish.

During that live interview, more than 30,000 rabid fans logged onto BlogTalkRadio—and hung on Taylor’s every word—while another 200,000 listened on-demand.twilight-mania3

Since then, many of the cast members from the smash-hit series have graced our network, sharing tidbits about their characters, their personal lives, and behind-the-scenes action on the set.

Like when Charlie Bewley, who plays a Volturi guard in Eclipse, dropped in on Artists on Demand and hinted that he might be gunning for Rob Pattinson‘s job, telling us which of the Cullens he’d like to rub out:

“Edward, because Continue reading

‘Twilight’ Sequel’s Justine Wachsberger: Beat Out by Canadian Stunner for Key Role

It was a case of good news-bad news when Justine Wachsberger got a call several months back from the Twilight series’ casting director.

Interviewed on Vamp Radio, the French-American actress, who plays Gianna in the hit flick’s sequel, New Moon, reveals that she read for another part when called in earlier this year – before discovering that a more exotic creature would embody that character.

CAPTION: “It was nerve-racking,” Justine (above) tells us of her “Twilight” interview. “I was really stressed-out.”

“It was nerve-racking,” Justine (above) tells us of her “Twilight” interview. “I was really stressed-out.”

“I initially auditioned for the role of Heidi, not Gianna. So it was funny because I start reading – I read the tabloids sometimes, Us Weekly and everything – and I saw that the part of Heidi was sup- posedly cast,” Justine tells host Gina Jasinski.

“So, I was like, for sure I’m not making the cut. I was kind of depressed.

“But a couple of weeks later I got this call and they were like, ‘Oh, you’ve just been cast as Gianna.’ So obviously I was really excited, because Gianna is such an interesting character.”

In New Moon, Gianna is a human, while Heidi is a vampire (or, as they’re known in the Twilight series, Volturi), who brings humans to her fellow bloodsuckers to eat.

The role of Heidi went to Canadian fashion model Noot Seear, who’s been featured in the ad campaigns of such leading designers as Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Noot: Not picked over Justine for vamp part.

Noot: Not picked over Justine for vamp part.

Justine, who tells us that BlogTalkRadio marks her first-ever media interview, also draws parallels be- tween her character’s life and her own.

“We’re both from European upbringings. She lives in Italy. I lived in France my whole life. She has so much duality within her persona. And I feel I have that, hav- ing been raised between Los Angeles and Paris.

“But, obviously, I don’t want to become a vampire – in this life, at least.”

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens November 20.

To hear Justine’s full interview, click here.