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Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones

Proper wear and care of soft contact lenses reduces the chance of developing problems that can affect your eye health and your vision. Tune into the new episode of Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones to learn the essentials of contact lens cleaning, insertion/removal and storage for all soft contact lens wearers. Also, in time for Halloween, optometrists Jason Pingel and Christi Closson share advice for parents and anyone thinking of purchasing or wearing cosmetic lenses without a contact lens examination and prescription. Tune in now.

Frank Fontana of The Down and Dirty

On Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, hear a chat with actor and podcaster Stephen Tobolowsky of Groundhog Day, Glee and The Tobolowsky Files. Also tune in for a visit from Andrew Johnson, master model builder from LEGOLAND Discovery Center and writer and musician David P. Murphy talking about his new book The Doomsday Survival Handbook. Tune in here.

Join Kary Valdes LCSW of Parent Talk with Kary, as she goes over over techniques to help improve and maintain your child’s self esteem.  She will also educate  you on the importance of having self confidence and ego strength and instilling these same qualities in your children. Tune in here.