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Sunday Night Spotlight

Tonight on BlogTalkRadio!How excited are we to have on Alan Levy’s Show tonight two very talented journalists.

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David Leeson, Pulitzer Prize winner from the Dallas Morning News talks about his travels throughout the world and his current personal project of self-portraits. David is also an instructor for the Eddie Adams Workshop, one of the most prestigious photojournalism workshops in the world.

Then at 9:30 Alan talks to Joel Keller from the popular website TVSquad.com. Joel is a freelance journalist who has been featured on The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Media Bistro and many others. Joel’s unique style of writing has caught the attention of many readers, as he is a wonderful storyteller and derives some of his pieces from the most hilarious to heartbreaking moments in his life. He also writes about food for some prominent publications, one of them being The Black Table.

Also at 9 pm on StageLeft we have Tracing Days lead singer Lonnie Bos and American Idol Junior Finalist Katelyn Tarver!! John Sweet will have his hands full with these two big stars at a round table discussion of music. They will discuss the crossover obstacles that Christian musicians face while trying to cross over from Christian music to mainstream Rock and Roll and Pop, and the exciting things that these two stars will be involved in over the next few months.

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Amy Domestico

Programming Manger