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BlogTalkRadio’s Midlife Gals Score on Houston’s ‘Ken Hoffman Show’

Kelly and Sally Jackson – aka The Midlife Gals – drove all the way from Austin, Texas, to Houston last week in their never-ending quest to demonstrate that “midlife” isn’t a dirty word.  (Depressing, terrifying, fun-killing, discrimination-inducing, yes, but never dirty.)

The cocktail-sipping sisters’ destination?

KGOW-AM’s The Ken Hoffman Show – where they uncorked their trademark humor to the delight of host Ken Hoffman and co-host David Nuno’s sizable audience.

Here’s a snippet of their on-air banter, where Kelly previewed Midlife 2.0 while David gave BlogTalkRadio its props:

KEN HOFFMAN: What’s your definition of “midlife”?

Midlife this!

Sally (left) and Kelly Jackson: Midlife this!

KELLY JACKSON: We’re on the second half of the century and SalGal’s a little further south on that deal than I am…

SALLY: Don’t say it.

KEN HOFFMAN: So it’s midlife if you intend to live to 100?


KELLY JACKSON: We’ll have to change our name to “The Elder Gals,” probably in about 10 years.

KEN HOFFMAN: What station is this on?

SALLY JACKSON: We’re on BlogTalkRadio – Internet radio.

DAVID NUNO: Which is the wave of the future, Ken. If you did research, you would know.

KEN HOFFMAN: I listen to Internet radio.

DAVID NUNO: I do, too.

KEN HOFFMAN: And we’ll be on that in about 10 minutes!

To hear The Gals’ full interview, click here.

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