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Weekly Highlights; August 7, 2010

robert-duvall-wbRobert Duvall reveals to Movie Geeks that the inspiration for his Godfather character, Tom Hagen, was real-life mob boss Carmine Galante’s lackey. “There was a guy who was a high-paid gofer that followed him around, and lit his cigarette, and pulled his chair out,” he says. “That was a key for me.”

Billy Ray Cyrus tells Live from Music City how he picked the name for his new band. “Brother Clyde” sounds like it could be any genre of music,” he says. “Anything could be called Brother Clyde. I wanted Brother Clyde to be like Lynyrd Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet. Just a kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll band.”

As with every hit sitcom that has wrapped, there’s always a chance that those involved in creating the magic will be enticed to reunite. So, naturally, Night Views Radio’s Robert Saul posed the million-dollar question to funnyman Brad Garrett—who was quick to respond…

Mayor Ashley Judd? Senator Judd? President Judd? Could be—as the Helen star herself reveals on Milling About. “I just graduated Harvard,” she says. “It’s a possibility that I could run for office some day. I mean, the Kennedy School is certainly the ultimate formal power factory.”

Women on the Move mixes it up with TV idol Antonio Sabato Jr., who’s also a professional auto racer. The former Calvin Klein model chats about his recent entree into the Mini Cooper circuit. “The car is just astonishing,” he says of the iconic British roadster. “It’s really fun to drive.”


Long Live Rock host Sterling Whitaker kicks it with legendary rocker Randy Bachman, who recounts how he got back together with Bachman Turner Overdrive frontman Fred Turner. “Fred emailed me,” says Randy. “He said, ‘You wanna get together? This guy’s a fan of BTO.’”

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