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Blurb! Books of the Week: Kim Richardson’s ‘The Unbreakable Child’ and Pam Cope’s ‘Jantsen’s Gift’

If, like thousands of literary aficionados coast to coast, you’ve become hooked on Blurb!—and on gobbling up its Book of the Week picks—you’ll be pleased to learn that, this week, we’ve got a double dose of prose for your perusing pleasure

Or maybe not.  Maybe you’ll be peeved at having to consume twice as many pages.

Kim: Led charge against child abuse at Catholic orphanage.

Kim: Led charge against child abuse at Catholic orphanage.

In either case, the credit/blame goes to Blurb! hosts Sally Shields and Dr. Kent, who report that Kim Michele Richardson, author of The Unbreakable Child, and Pam Cope, author of Jantsen’s Gift, “had terrific blurbs—and they’re supporting amazing causes.”

And so our resident critics have, in their first-ever biography edition of the show, bestowed Book of the Week honors on both Kim and Pam.

The Unbreakable Child is Kim’s “memoir of abuse” at the Saint Thomas-Saint Vincent Orphan Asylum in Anchorage, Ky., where, during the 1960s, she suffered Continue reading