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Is Lance Armstrong on the Road to Rocking a ‘Stache?

He will be if Lance Armstrong Foundation CEO – and three-time cancer survivor – Doug Ulman has any say in the matter.

“We’re building a global movement, and we’re going to win,” says Lance from Down Under.

“We’re building a global movement, and we’re going to win,” says Lance from Down Under.

On today’s debut of Lance‘s LiveStrong Global Cancer Campaign Series 2009, Doug chats with Movember poster boy Adam Garone about cancer-awareness efforts in Adam’s home nation of Australia – where Lance is making his return to pro cycling at the Tour Down Under.

Four years ago, Adam and mates Luke Slattery and Travis Garone founded Movember, a charity event to help raise money and aware- ness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues.

As an emblem of their efforts, the previously clean-shaven trio (as you by now have no doubt guessed) grew bushy mustaches. By November 2008, the annual event had grown to include not only blokes across Australia but around the globe.

“I’ll make you a deal: Since I’m a cancer survivor and since my dad had prostate cancer, I’ll [grow a mustache],” Doug tells Adam on the show. “I’ve never rocked a mustache, so I’ll do it in ’09.”

Movember founders (l-r) Adam Garone, Luke Slattery and Dave Maslen in Sydney.

Here come the fuzz: Movember founders (left-right) Adam and Luke, with pal Dave Maslen, in Sydney.

“Awesome!” says Adam. “We need to get Lance on as well.”

“Exactly. I figure if I can do it, I can convince him. It’s the off-season, so that’s a good time for him,” replies Doug. “And then we can help spread the word in the U.S. too.”

Adam – a 2008 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner in the Social Entrepreneur category – is the first is a series of influential cancer-awareness bloggers who will be interviewed on the show.

Next month – to kick off the U.S. leg of his campaign, at the Amgen Tour of California (Feb. 14-22) – Lance himself will chat with American bloggers here on BlogTalkRadio.

After that, the world’s greatest bicycle racer is off to Belgium for the Tour of Flanders (April 5), then onto France for the Tour de (what else?) France (July 4-26).  All the while, Lance will be bringing his cancer-awareness-raising conversations with local bloggers to BTR listeners.livestrong-logo

Lance launched his LiveStrong Global Cancer Campaign just three days ago, in Adelaide, Australia, and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

“In the 1,274 days since I last rode competitively, approximately 27.5 million people have died from cancer around the world,” says Lance. “A single organization cannot tackle this epidemic alone – it will truly take a global effort.”

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