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Headaches, blurred vision, and eye fatigue may not solely be caused by your workload.  Did you know that staring at a computer or a small screen can cause a variety of ailments?  Optometrist and author Dr. Jeffrey Anshel has helped companies and government agencies address the eye stress associated with computer monitors.  Tune in to Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones now to hear what he recommends to help reduce or prevent vision-related problems.  Tune in here.

On the latest edition of Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, Frank welcomes Tom McMahon, executive producer of the hit Spike TV show, 1000 Ways to Die.  Also, in honor of the leap year, Frank welcomes Raenell Dawn, from The Honor Society of Leap Year Babies.  Tune in here.

Women’s Business Network welcomes small business expert Jane Applegate to the show.  She is the author of  201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business.  Tune in here as she shares her Top 10 of those 201 Great Ideas that will help get your business achieve greater success.