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‘Lost’ Actor Neil Hopkins and Comedian Marc Maron Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio Nov. 5, 2010

neil-hopkinsNeil Hopkins, the actor best known for playing heroin-addicted rock star Liam on ABC’s Lost drops in on Mr. Media to discuss his role in the big-screen sci-fi thriller Skyline—about a UFO that lands in L.A.—which opens Nov. 12 and co-stars Eric Balfour and Donald Faison.


Marc Maron, the funnyman who formerly hosted his own Air America show while appearing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien 44 times—more than any other standup comic—chats with Mr. Media about his twice-weekly podcast titled WTF with Marc Maron.


Scott Stratten, the President of social-media consulting firm UnMarketing stops by Marketing Tech Blog to chat with Douglas Karr about his new book, UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging, which focuses on the “pull & stay”—rather than “push & pray”—method.


Damian Kindler, the creator of Sanctuary chats with Tomorrow Will Be Televised host Simon Applebaum about the hit Syfy series. Plus: Mediaite editor-in-chief Rachel Sklar on Change the Ratio, a new movement advocating female-owned TV and tech ventures.


Drew Cheetwood, the General Hospital hottie, who’s played Milo Giambetti—bodyguard to Sonny Corinthos—since 2006, discusses how he went from on-set personal trainer to regular castmember. Drew also chats with Jasam Radio’s Deborah Huey about his engagement to Jenna Vitale.

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: Our Kids Love the Paparazzi!

From the hands of babes come gestures that aren’t exactly what Tori Spelling would call gems.

Interviewed on The Fruit Salad Shows, the Beverly Hills 90210 star reveals that her kids; son Liam, 2, and daughter Stella, who turns 1 on June 9; are big fans of the hoards of photogs who trail her family incessantly.

Stell-a! STELL-a! Tori and Dean’s baby girl (right) plays the paps while brother Liam (left) shades their glare.

Stell-a! STELL-a! Tori and Dean’s baby girl (right) plays the paps while brother Liam (left) shades their glare.

When host Pauly asks about the tykes’ reaction to having a TV crew follow them while making the Oxygen reality series Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, which debuts tonight, Tori segues into a less pleasant topic.

“With our [Oxygen] crew, it’s easy, because it’s just like three people. And they’ve grown up with them,” she says.

“But it’s the whole paparazzi thing. They’re still kind of fascin- ated by them. We’re like, Oh, God, paparazzi!  And you just have a whole different attitude.

“But they’re always waving and smiling at the paparazzi.”

That’s when hubby Dean McDermott chirps in with, “Especially Stella. She knows how to work a cameraman!”

Tori, whose new book it titled Mommywood, also discusses how she finally got control over her public persona.

“It took, like, 30 years,” she says. “But I finally came to that point, to that realization – I guess it’s just a matter of growing up – where I figure, If you can’t beat’em, join’em.”

To hear Tori and Dean’s full interview, click here.