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Best of BTR: Helping Oklahoma Tornado Volunteers Cope | 05.23.13

oklahoma tornado: Coping Strategies for emergency responders

by Own Your Life with Dennis Carradin in PSYCHOLOGY

Trauma Specialist Dennis Carradin covers the devastation in Oklahoma and tactics that volunteers and emergency responders can use to cope with the tragedy and to avoid burnout.

Soledad o’Brien shares life lessons & future plans

by Living by Design in SELF-HELP

Soledad O’Brien‘s recent CNN departure leaves us wondering what’s next for the media sensation. She chats about career, love and challenges, plus offers life lessons for us all.

FORGET JOB SECURITY: Expert tips to Build marketability

by Deborah Shane in BUSINESS

Resume writer Dawn Rasmussen, author of Forget Job Security: Build Your Marketability, offers tips on building your brand. Mark Babbitt, CEO and founder of YouTern, among Mashable’s “Top 5 Online Communities for Starting Your Career,” joins in.

behind the scenes on A&E’s ‘sELL THIS HOUSE: extreme’

by Down and Dirty in HOBBIES

Charlie Frattini, master builder on A&E’s hit show Sell This House: Extreme, talks about how he stays focused on set. Plus, a DIY disaster story from The Impatient Gardener blogger Erin Schanen.

Grammy-Winning artist-Producer PJ Morton’s hot new single

by Going Places Radio in ENTERTAINMENT

PJ Morton attracts A-listers like Lil Wayne, Stevie Wonder and Adam Levine. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter-producer talks with Cyrus Webb about his new single and upcoming album.

A BlogTalkRadio Host Success Story: Rick Tocquigny

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Rick Tocquigny, BlogTalkRadio host of Life Lessons and Transformed Traveler, on a Planning Committee episode.  Rick has been a host on the network since 2009 and just completed his 800th episode.  He shared how he has built his show into a profitable enterprise that has helped grow his business, Bella Figura/Artbeat and led to launching a greeting card company, book deals with big name publishers like Harper Collins and now work on a travel TV show pilot sponsored by Samsonite and Hyundai.  Tune in to hear some valuable advice from Rick on interviewing, marketing your show and how he went from having to reach out to guests to now being hounded by too many guests to interview.  Thanks Rick for joining us!  Tune in here.