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Programming Highlights; March 17, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
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Today’s Programming Highlights:

author-dude-for-christieAt 1 PM Dr. Jonny Bowden, bestselling author of seven books including The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth joins The Jazzy Vegetarian to talk about some of the healthiest vegetarian foods, and share a jazzy recipe or two.



country-dude-for-christieAt 2 PM Country music sensation Jimmy Wayne joins CWLA Radio to talk about his cause, a solo walk of nearly 1,700 miles across the country from Nashville to Phoenix in a campaign to help teens aging out of foster care.



music-dude-for-christieAt 4 PM Kevin Rudolf, hitmaker of last year’s “Let It Rock,” returns to Buzzworthy Radio a more experienced songwriter with his upcoming album, featuring guest appearances by Three 6 Mafia, Lil Wayne and Rivers Cuomo.





gotti-for-christieAt 5 PM Carmine Gotti, the teenager we watched lovingly on A&E’s Growing Up Gotti, is all grown up and talking about his burgeoning music career, and how he’s differentiating himself from his famous family on the Sharon Nelson Variety Show.



Ziegfeld TheatreAt 8 PM on 123-Film! Producer Barry Mendel talks about his success with Rushmore which won IFP Independent Spirit Awards, and The Sixth Sense, nominated for 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture.



football-dude-for-christieAlso at 8 PM Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff joins The Final Word to look back on the 2009 season, discuss his offseason and what the Cowboys need to do to be the home team in the Super Bowl as the game comes to Dallas in 2011.

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Paging Doctor Sean

We almost lost a music great to the world of medicine.jsean

On today’s SAJA (South Asian Journalists Association) interview with chart-topping singer Jay Sean, the UK-born superstar reveals he was heading down a completely different career path when his music took off.

In the interview, in partnership with SAMMA, South Asians in Media, Marketing, and Entertaiment, Jay Sean reveals that his popularity is no small feat, as he is the first artist of Indian origin to top the Billboard Top 100 at #1 with his hit song, “Down” (featuring Lil’ Wayne).

But instead of having his smooth voice heard on the radio across the world as he does today, Jay could have been seeing patients as Dr. Sean.

When asked about how his South Asian family viewed his career choice and if they pressured him into a more traditional professional career, Jay replied that in fact, he was the one who “wanted to be a doctor.”  Medicine seemed like a natural career choice since growing up, he was “fascinated by science and the body and the mind.”

So, how did Jay make the career switch that led him to super stardom?  Jay explains:

“Simultaneously, I was getting on with music which is my passion, but I guess  I never expected the music to go so crazy. I never expected it to get to the level where it did where I had to make that critical choice, and I made that choice.  And thankfully it was the right choice, and it got me to where I am now.”

So to all you aspiring singers, follow your passion, even if there has never been someone like you at the top before. Especially if you can break barriers for those who will come after.

Listen to the full interview here.

This Week in BlogTalkRadio, 12/7-12/13

As we delve deeper into winter with rain, snow, and colder temps, stay inside and snuggle up with your favorite shows on BlogTalkRadio.harrycarson2

CSI creator Anthony Zuiker talked about Level 26, his new digi-series, with Sci Fi Talk Live.

FlyLady celebrated her 10th anniversary with a live radio bash.

Actress Dominique Swain, of Lolita fame, talks with Mr. Media about her new role in Fall Down Dead.

Sitcom cutie Kirk Cameron talks about his new memoir Still Growing: An Autobiography with Your Mental Health.

Big Blue Interactive welcomed former N.Y. Giants legendary linebacker Harry Carson.

gayThree hip hop moms, Aliyah “Mama Pain” Najm, mother of  T-Pain, Jacida Carter, mother of Lil’ Wayne, and H. Loraine Smith, mother of Ne-Yo, talk about their newly-created talk show, Dinner Table Discussions with Entrepreneurs on the Move.

This weekend, Pulitizer Prize-winning author Gay Talese joins WordSmitten to talk about his new memoir, A Writer’s Life.

And Brianne Kelly Morgan, who plays the part of Meg Giry in the Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas, talks about her experience in the hit show with fans on All Things Phantom.

Slain Rapper Dolla: ‘I Don’t Have to Worry About Being Shot’

In yet another tragic rap slaying, rising recording artist Dolla – who, in 2007, signed with Akon’s Konvict Music Records – was fatally shot in the head yesterday afternoon outside the upscale Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles.

An hour later, LAPD nabbed Aubrey Louis Berry at L.A. International Airport after noticing that the 23-year-old Georgia man fit the descrip- tion of Dolla’s murderer. The suspect is currently being held on $1 million bail.

   CAPTION: “I’m just a humble dude, a street dude, a black man livin’ in America trying to turn s - - - - into gold,” Dolla (above) told us last year.

“I’m just a humble dude, a street dude, a black man livin’ in America trying to turn s - - - into gold,” Dolla (above) told us last year.

Cops have told reporters that they do not know what prompted the brutal killing.

Dolla, who was born Roderick Anthony Burton II and who lived in Atlanta, was in L.A. to complete his album, Another Day, Another Dolla.

On February 6, 2008, Dolla appeared on BlogTalkRadio to discuss progress on his debut album.

Throughout the 20-minute interview, Dolla – who’d also recorded with Lil Wayne and modeled for Diddy’s R.I.P. clothing label – returned to a recurring theme in his life: his music had saved him from the streets.

“My upcoming album is called A Dolla and a Dream. I named it that because, since I was 13, I’ve been financially taking care of my family,” he told Freshr Radio host Young Drew.

“And it got to a point where that street s – – – just wasn’t working out for me. You know, the ups and downs of street life. And I literally was going broke.

“I had just a couple of dollars but had dreams of being a rapper.”

Later, when asked how it felt to be signed to a label, Dolla said:

“It gives me an opportunity to do something positive and not be in the streets and not have to worry about being shot.

“I just got shot three months ago, and that let me know, Man you got a record deal, you got a song out, like relax!”

And when asked, “With your newfound fame, I’m sure you got a nice paycheck. What was the first thing you went out and did?” the rapper replied:

“Bought my mama a car.”

To read the latest on Dolla’s murder case, click here.

To head Dolla’s full 2008 interview, click here.