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Programming Highlights; May 14, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:

charlaineharris-scroller1At 11:30 AM True-Blood.net hosts Melissa Lowrey and Liz Henderson welcome Charlaine Harris, mega-selling author of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, featuring Sookie Stackhouse—upon which HBO’s True Blood is based. Charlaine will chat about her latest Sookie novel.

tonyshaloub-scroller At 1 PM Monk star Tony Shaloub drops in on Milling About host Robin Milling to dish about his role opposite Anthony LaPaglia in the Broadway revival of the screwball comedy Lend Me a Tenor, which opened last month and has been nominated for three Tony Awards.

generalplatt-scrollerAt 6 PM Host Janice Malone lets it all hang out with General Larry Platt, the 63-year-old civil-rights activist who—this winter on American Idol—tapped into the sentiments of countless Americans with Pants on the Ground, his poppin’ protest against the ulta-low trousers look. Continue reading

Lily Tomlin: Edith Ann’s Alive and Well—and Rolling on the Floor

Lily Tomlin may be 70, but she’s still got the soul—and body—of a five-year-old, at least when inhabited by one of her most beloved characters.

Chatting on The wOw Effect, her wowOwow Talk show here on BlogTalkRadio, the Tony, Emmy and Grammy Award-winning funny lady reveals how she keeps Edith Ann fresh after five decades.

"I do love to perform," Lily (above with her alter-ego) tells us. "It's a very enlivening, energizing, nurturing kind of thing that the audience gives you."

"I do love to perform," Lily (above with her alter-ego) tells us. "It's a very enlivening, energizing, nurturing kind of thing that the audience gives you."

“She’s a kid. She lives in the culture, so she has to reflect that culture,” Lily tells host Julia Reed in a Goin’ Mobile edition of the show.

“And I usually do her as an improv in my act. I get down and roll around on the floor, as a five-year-old, and I have the audience ask her questions. And that keeps her alive.”

Lily, whose current road show is titled “An Evening of Classic Lily Tomlin,” also discusses longstanding misconceptions about her one-woman appearances.

“People will say, Continue reading

wowOwow Talk Bows on BlogTalkRadio

Just when we thought BlogTalkRadio couldn’t get any more star- studded, along comes wowOwow Talk, the new companion radio network to wowOwow.

Created, run and written by such media and showbiz powerhouses as Lesley Stahl, Liz Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, Candice Bergen, Lily Tomlin, Marlo Thomas, Peggy Noonan, Cynthia McFadden, Judith Martin and Joni Evans, this always witty, perpetually compelling website is a favorite among well-educated boomer women the world over.

Superstar lineup:

Superstar lineup: (clockwise from top left) Whoopi, Candice, Lily, Liz, Marlo and Leslie.

“It means a lot to us that Continue reading