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‘General Hospital’ Star Lisa LoCicero: Look, but Don’t Sniff!

Lisa LoCicero loves her fansexcept when they act like canines in heat.

Interviewed on Stardish Radio along with fellow General Hospital star Brandon Barash, the 39-year-old actress discusses an encounter with a daytime-drama enthusiast who expressed his affection in a bizarre fashion.

Lisa: Wary of pooch-like predators.

Lisa: Wary of panting fans.

“He picked me up in his arms and sort of started smelling me. That was probably the weirdest [fan]. And I’m hoping that it doesn’t ever, ever happen again,” she tells host Joann Kubasek.

“I highly don’t recommend that as something that people do. He meant it in a friendly way, like a dog would do at the dog park.

“But, ah, I wasn’t real thrilled about that.”

That’s when Brandon breaks in with: “You just insinuated he sniffed your a – – .” Continue reading