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BlogTalkRadio Host for President (yes – of the United States!)

Commander in Chief Spike Spillberg?

Could happen – if a just-released news report is to be believed.

BTR's Spike Spillberg White House-bound?

BTR's Spike Spillberg White House-bound?

According to News Channel 3, the Live From the Director’s Chair host is “posing a tangible threat to Republican and Democratic candidates in the current” race for the White House.

Spike’s “candidacy,” reports the newscast, started as a joke on the Internet, but quickly turned into “a grassroots movement…to elect a virtual unknown to the highest office in the country.”

Spike could not be reached for comment, but is expected to address the issue on his BlogTalkRadio show this evening at 9 p.m. ET.

Click here to see the full “report.”