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Web and Satellite Causing Static for Terrestrial Radio

Portfolio writer Liz Gunnison posted an article today entitled “Radio’s S.O.S.” that highlights the disruption of terrestrial radio by satellite and web entities.

Today’s Gunnison article sites two reasons terrestrial radio is hurting 1) content options for audiences is mushrooming and 2) the changing local advertising markets. Today’s post references an earlier Portfolio article from this week in which writer David Levine referred to BlogTalkRadio as “the dominant player” in citizen broadcasting. Gunnison writes:

Offerings on the internet include not only a wealth of audio streaming commercial-free, but now even the likes of BlogTalk radio—a site which essentially allows anyone to broadcast their own radio show for free over the internet…

And while internet offerings have long been stealing their share of listeners at home, terrestrial radio is steadily losing listeners on the road as well. Many cars now come equipped with options like satellite radio and mp3 device hookups, allowing drivers to listen to downloaded music and podcasts as they drive…

Our recent Reciva deal also indicates that Internet radio’s move to mobile will continue to cause static for terrestrial radio.

The focus for niche and on-demand entertainment that sources like BlogTalkRadio provide will continue to disrupt mainstream broadcasting business models. BlogTalkRadio’s diverse live and RSS enabled content will increasingly make it more appealing to advertisers seeking tailored ways to reach quality consumers – and for consumers to get relevant information that appeals to them. In addition, the business solutions programs offered by BlogTalkRadio provide easy, direct contact between businesses and their audiences in branded environments.

The article also quotes Barry Parr, a media analyst for Jupiter Research Group, who said “internet and satellite rivals can’t yet deliver professional-level coverage of local news.” BlogTalkRadio hosts are already challenging that assertion as well.