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Dick Clark’s Lost Interview: My Close Call with the Wrath of Madonna’s Manager

Dick Clark may have been the dean of the pop-music scene for more than five decades, but that doesn’t mean he’s any better at picking winners than your average armchair critic.

Case in point, the American Music Awards—which he himself founded in 1973.

CAPTION: Dick: Made Her Madgesty parachute in from Penny Marshall's movie set.

Dick: Made Her Madgesty parachute in from Penny Marshall's movie set.

In an interview with Milling About host Robin Milling from New Year’s Eve 1992—which has never before aired anywhere—the cultural icon chatted about wrangling nominees into the theater for the event.

“Years ago I talked to [Madonna‘s then-manager] Freddy DeMann. I said, ‘Madonna must be here— she’s up for two awards. I mean, you must know in your heart that she’s going to win those awards. She’s a runaway smash hit,” he said of the 1991 AMAs, while the Material Girl was filming A League of Their Own.

“They arranged a convoy and strategic air command sort of thing and got Continue reading

Programming Highlights; July 7, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:


andrea-linAt 1 PM Tomatoes in Trenches’ Cheryl Benton asks, Are you bored with your workout routine? Then Andrea Lin—a choreographer who’s worked with A-listers like Madonna and Mariah Carey—can help. The lithe Taiwanese beauty will chat about the latest release in her Dance A Go-Go series.


allanah-mylesAt 2 PM Namaste Radio rolls out the red carpet for Alannah Myles, the Canadian songbird who snagged a Grammy for 1990’s Black Velvet. The stunning diva will chat about her new album, which offers a new take on that smash hit single.


bill-cosbyAt 7:30 PM Meet America’s newest social-media guru—Bill Cosby on his new Blog Talk Radio show! Join the comic icon for a two-hour special as he unveils his new iPhone app, chats about his hilarious webcast series, OBKB, and offers his trademark take on Twitter, BlogTalkRadio and every platform in between.


billy-bob-thorntonAt 9 PM Twisted South Radio hosts Zeke Loftin and Michael Buffalo Smith mosey up to Billy Bob Thornton and his band, The Boxmasters, whose third CD, Modbilly, features such tracks as The Lord Knows I’m Drinkin’ and That’s Why Tammy Has My Car.


stephen-martinesAlso at 9 PM The VRO’s Amy McCracken and her coven of co-hosts swoon over Stephen Martines, who made his name on The Guiding Light and General Hospital, and now plays super-bad vamp Frederick on the CW’s Vampire Diaries. The hottie will chat about his upcoming big-screen projects.


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Helen Reddy: Where Have All the NON-Slutty Brassiere’s Gone?

Next time you’re out clothes shopping and hear a woman roar, don’t be surprised if it’s Helen Reddy—though feminist pride’s got nothing to do with it.

Interviewed on Diva Toolbox Radio from her home in Sydney, Australia, the ‘70s pop icon, who scored a monster hit with I Am Woman—which Sarah Jessica Parker and pals reprised in Sex and the City 2—recalls a recent spree that had her seething.

CAPTION: "The proudest thing of my life is that it is now in the Modern American History high school textbooks," Helen (above with granddaughter Lily) tells us of "I Am Woman," and also in the Australian ones too!"

"The proudest thing of my life is that it's now in the Modern American History high school textbooks," Helen (above with granddaughter Lily) tells us of "I Am Woman," "and also in the Australian ones too!"

“I was in London earlier this year and I had to get some new bras— because [mine] were falling off me,” Helen, 68, tells host Janet Powers.

“So I go into a big department store there, and into the women’s lingerie department, and they’ve got pasties —you know, like strippers wear.

“They’ve got all these little fancy things, which all have wires—which I believe cause Continue reading

I’m No Fan of Madonna’s Strung-out, Muscular Look, Liz Smith Dishes to The Midlife Gals

If having her split with Guy Ritchie dragged through the tabloids this past week hasn’t been torture enough, Madonna also had to endure catty comments from The Midlife Gals and Liz Smith.

The nerve of those ladies – piling on old Madge when she’s down!


Madonna: 50 going on... 500?

So here’s what they said:

While Liz was chatting with Sally and Kelly Jackson, the gossip queen told her fellow Texans that she’d recently been to a party with the likes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Then Kelly pointed out that Liz had also rubbed elbows with Madonna.

Then Liz said, “Yea, and I saw Madonna right before she announced her divorce and I kept trying to get her to tell me she was going to do that and she acted like she wasn’t.”

Then Sally said, “You know what, Liz?  We’ve decided that Madonna has now crossed the threshold into being too old to exercise as much as she does – because she just doesn’t look very good.”

Then Liz said, “I agree with you. I don’t like that strung-out, muscular look.”

Then Kelly said, “Oh, I don’t either.”

So that’s what they said – if you can believe it (though you didn’t hear it from us).

(To hear it from “a friend,” click here.)

Celebrity Autobiographer Andrew Morton on The Alan Levy Show

Dawn Olsen of GlossLip Radio and BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy welcome Andrew Morton to BlogTalkRadio today.

morton-cruisex Andrew Morton is one of the world’s best-known biographers and a leading authority on modern celebrity. He’ll be discussing his latest book, “Tom Cruise, an Unauthorized Biography” on The Alan Levy Show today at 4pm ET.

USAToday wrote: “After best-selling biographies of Princess Diana (secretly authorized by Diana), Monica Lewinsky (officially authorized) and Madonna (unauthorized), why did Andrew Morton take on Tom Cruise, the most litigious of Hollywood stars? ‘He’s the quintessential global celebrity,’ Morton says”

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