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Submitting Your Show To Be Featured Can Pay Off

We get quite a few questions from hosts on how they can submit their show to be featured on BlogTalkRadio‘s homepage so we decided to dedicate a whole Planning Committee show on the topic.  Listen in to get some valuable tips and tricks. Tune in.

Why Submit Your Show?

If selected by our Editorial team, your show could appear on the top of the homepage in our Staff Picks section and be seen by millions of visitors to our site.  So remember, every time you schedule a new episode of your show that features a notable guest or trending topic, don’t forget to submit it!


How To Submit Your Show

1.    Click on “My Account” in your dropdown menu.

2.    Click on “Feature my show” under “My BlogTalkRadio”

3.    In the “Feature my show” tab, fill out the necessary info at the bottom of the form.

4.    Click “Submit”

For more tips on submitting your show, visit this post.

How to Create a Facebook Page

One of the best features about being a host on BlogTalkRadio is that you can instantly share your content on Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button.

A Facebook Page is a great way to reach more listeners and let your fans keep up to date with your newest broadcasts. It just takes a few minutes to create your own Facebook Page and here’s how you do it.

You need to have a Facebook account to start a Page so sign up if you don’t have one already. Then, go here to create a page and follow the prompts. You can select “Radio Station” in the Entertainment category or choose from the other categories if those fit your purpose better.

Step 1: Upload an image to represent your show. You can leverage your profile image from your BlogTalkRadio page.

Step 2: On the next page, uncheck the options to share and like this page. This will allow you to make any changes before launching your page to the world. Once your page is all set up, you can go back and change these options.

Step 3: Provide a link to your show page, and use what you’ve written for your profile page to give a description of your show.

Congrats! Your page is now set up.  Check out some of the ideas in Get Started, which is the next page that you are taken to. You can start adding content, promoting your page, and lots more!

If you have question, see Facebook’s Page help section, and ask for advice on our Get Satisfaction page.  And you can also read up on these Facebook tips from a post we did before.  Good luck with your new Facebook Page!

Branding Your Show

One area that often gets overlooked in promoting a show is branding.  The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.”

Branding helps to differentiate your broadcast from others and highlights what’s special and unique about it so that listeners will be drawn in.  Take the time to establish your brand and then consistently convey it in everything you put out to your audience, whether it be your logo, your episode description or even how you interact with people on your show.  By devoting some time to branding your show, you can help establish a stronger identity on BlogTalkRadio and attract more listeners.

A brand should provide something that grabs the attention of your target audience and conveys something that they can’t find anywhere else.  One good example of branding on BlogTalkRadio is the The FlyLady’s show.   Her logo, image and writing all reflect her theme of making things fun, and she reflects her brand consistently in her banner advertising and show description.

Start thinking about the essence of your show and how you can express it through imagery or words.   In the coming weeks, be sure to check for new posts on ways to enhance your show on BlogTalkRadio.

Part Two: Using Social Media to Promote Your Show, Using Facebook

hosttip-of-the-weekThis is part two of our multi-part series on promoting your online talk radio show using social media. (Read part one)

This week we will focus on Facebook. Using Facebook is a great way to market and build your show’s community.  Below are some tips that can help.

TIP 1: Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Show
Starting a Facebook fan page helps build a community around your show.  Remember to provide value or content of interest to your followers and fans and listen to and interact with friends who make comments or share on your page. Make sure you are not using the page merely to push out information about your show time! Share links, ask questions, give tips and ideas to build your own community on Facebook.

dr blogstein screenshot One BlogTalkRadio host who uses Facebook fan pages to promote his show well is  Dr. Blogstein of The Radio Happy Hour.  Dr. Blogstein share updates about his show, but also includes other engaging content such as quizzes, photos, and more.

TIP 2: Join Facebook Groups
One of the best ways to meet like-minded people online is to join Facebook groups on topics of interest to you and your show. Share ideas and tips and further establish yourself as an expert in your show’s subject mattter within these groups. Then, fine appropriate times to talk about your show, especially if you have an upcoming notable guest of interest to the group.

TIP 3: Add Value to the Community
Make friends on Facebook with people who interest you, and stay active with them by commenting on their walls. If you become an online friend, they will want to learn more about you and what you are doing, including your work on BlogTalkRadio.

TIP 4: Set Up a Facebook Event
Have a special guest coming up or broadcasting live from an event such as a baseball game, concert, or conference? Spread the word by creating a Facebook event, and invite everyone you know online. Don’t forget to include the date, time, a detailed description of your show’s content, and the link.

TIP 5: Ask Your Friends to Spread the Word
When you post information about your shows on Facebook, be sure to include a brief note encouraging your friends to spread the word to other interested parties.

TIP 6: Add a Show Player or a Badge to Your Facebook Profile
player_embedShare your content by adding your player to your Facebook profile, and encourage your friends to do the same.

Just follow these simple steps:

Go to your show profile page on BlogTalkRadio
-Click on “Add this player to your websites” button
-Click on “Post to Social Networks using Gigya” button and select Facebook
-Click on Post, then Add to Profile

Or you can add the badge to your profile page by copying and pasting the badge code into the “Gigya My Stuff” application on your Facebook profile. To add the player or badge to your fan page you will also just need to add the “My Stuff” Application, and copy and paste code from the  “Add this player to your websites” page on BlogTalkRadio.

And, just like with Twitter, you can connect your BlogTalkRadio show directly to your Facebook profile to cross-promote. (For more information, check out this quick screencast.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

Stayed tuned for Part 3 of “Using Social Media to Promote Your Show.”

Until next week, y’all!

Host Tip of the Week: Building Listeners for Your Online Radio Show

hosttip-of-the-weekWe often get requests from hosts on how to build their show’s listener base. Networking and marketing your show successfully is an art form, and hosts must practice and work on it to see results.

So how can a new host spread the word about his or her show? Here are a few tips to help increase your listener base:

Tip 1. Promote through multiple channels. Leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Ning, MySpace and more can help you spread the word about your show online. BlogTalkRadio makes it easy to link your host profile to your Facebook and Twitter account, which makes sharing show updates simple. Remember that sharing compelling and engaging content is the most important goal of your social media and marketing efforts. If all of your updates are the same or generic like, “Come listen to my show on BTR,” and you inundate your friends with identical reminders, your intended audience will start to tune you out. Social media is a conversation: interact with your friends, reply to the posts of others, make posts fun and interesting, and share valuable content. Finally, don’t focus only on just one method of promotion, other marketing channels such as emails, press releases, and blog posts can also be very effective in getting the word out.

Tip 2. Dazzle with titles, descriptions and keywords. Did you know that how you describe your show has a connection to how many listeners come on board? Your host page, and all of its contents, is picked up by search engines and viewed by people searching through our programming guides. So it’s in your best interest to be as descriptive and detailed as possible. And as we have written in previous blog posts, the keywords you select to identify each episode are critical in helping those interested find, and listen to, your content.

Tip 3. Be targeted in your approach. Get out there and find groups, forums, and communities on and offline that focus on your show’s subject matter. If, for example, you are marketing a show on running a small business, go to meetings in your area that support small business owners or participate in forums and online communities that are dedicated to this demographic. If you host a show about cars, visit a local car show to network, or get active in a forum for car enthusiasts. Pass out flyers or business cards, take opportunities to share your valuable advice and expertise, and always include a link to your show after your name when posting online.

4. Get involved with other BlogTalkRadio shows and hosts. Search for shows similar to your own using keywords, and listen to the other shows out there. How does your show differ? How can you fulfill a niche that is not yet offered on BlogTalkRadio? Get engaged with the BlogTalkRadio community by providing valuable commentary in the chatroom and connecting with the host and other listeners. If others like what you have to say, they will seek you out and discover what your show is all about.

5. Content is king. Last, but certainly not least, listeners are attracted to shows that consistently produce quality content. Do your due diligence in planning for your shows, your guests, your questions, and your topics. If listeners like what they hear, they will come back for more, and ultimately help you spread the word about your show to their friends. Aspire to be a show that people want to talk about and recommend to others!

Putting these tips into action takes time, but before you know it, you will have forgotten the days when you were just getting started and only had a few listeners, and focus on maintaining that listener base!

Longtime BlogTalkRadio hosts, we would love to hear what you do to attract listeners!

Until next week, y’all, stay warm!

~Christie Sweet

Social Media Tips for Small Business on ‘Coach Tim’

socialnomics-graphicI do not think that anyone would argue the fact that social media is changing how we interact and do business online. Last week there was a great show on BlogTalkRadio hosted by Tim Dollmeyer of “Coach Tim.” It highlighted how social media can help a small business market more efficiently and effectively. The show’s featured guest, Erik Qualman, shared some interesting perspectives on the space and helpful tips from his recently published book called Socialnomics.

In this hyper-connected world we live in, we increasingly turn online to do research and make decisions on products and services. With the advent of social media, the online search has gone well beyond just searching and finding product listings on a company’s website. We can now read what other people think about products in a wide range of online forums and easily reach out to our networks with tools like Twitter or Facebook to get suggestions. Positive (and negative) feedback now spreads much more quickly. And according to Qualman, the influence of an individual’s social graph is continuing to grow in importance with the release of services such Google Wave, Google Sidewiki and others.

That is why it is so important for businesses of any size to understand and leverage social media as they build relationships with their customers and prospects. In Coach Tim’s show, Qualman referenced that businesses are having to shift their sales and marketing strategies and take a more Dale Carnegie-like approach, “Listen first, sell later.” And social media provides an excellent way to listen.

Qualman shared a simple four step plan for small businesses looking to get started with social media marketing.

1) Listen to what people are saying about your company (and your competitors.) Qualman suggested that this is the best place to start. He also provided some great suggestions on FREE listening tools: Twitter Search, Google Blog Search, and Yahoo Site Explorer. You can also find a great list of other social media listening tools in this Marketing Profs article

2) Interact and join the conversation. Find a way to participate in the conversation in a way that makes sense for your business. This is an area where BlogTalkRadio helps a large number of small businesses by empowering them to join the social media conversation with a live, interactive radio show. We also have a cool new service called Cinch that helps business join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook with engaging audio, text and photo updates.

3) React to the conversation. One of the best ways to build relationships with your customers is to show them you value their feedback. Make sure that you are taking action on and acknowledging the feedback you receive.

4) Soft selling. If you take care of the first three steps, Qualman suggested the process of selling will be much easier, because you have been listening to what they want and have showed them that you value the relationship.

If you run a small business and are looking to find out how you can start to experiment with social media, this is a great show to listen to. You can listen to the full episode below.

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David Meerman Scott Brings The New Rules to BlogTalkRadio

The rules of marketing and public relations have changed. There is no question about this statement. But what are the new rules? What do we do about it? David Meerman Scott just might tell us.

final-nrmpr-cover.jpgDavid Meerman Scott joins John C. Havens on “New Media Havens” today, at 11:30am ET to discuss David’s book “The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to use news releases, blogs, viral marketing and online media to reach buyers directly. Hmm, what online tools can I think of where you can talk directly to your audience…hmm, and have them talk back? Hmm.

david-meerman-scott.JPGDavid is a online thought leadership and viral marketing strategist. The programs he has developed have won numerous awards and are responsible for selling over one billion dollars in products and services worldwide. He has lived and worked in New York, Tokyo, Boston, and Hong Kong and has presented at industry conferences and events in over twenty countries on four continents. Check out his blog at www.WebInkNow.com.

Specifically, John and David will address thoughts on how people who are NOT in the new media space have responded to the book’s concepts. Join the discussion at (646) 716-7071. Whether you’re a seasoned online marketing veteran or a novice to this space, you can get and give something to this conversation.