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‘Now is the Time’ Resumes Tonight!

Now is the Time hosts Alan Levy and Marla Cilley

Now is the Time hosts Alan Levy and Marla Cilley

BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy and FlyLady Marla Cilley resume their Now is the Time radio show tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Alan and Marla will be catching up for the summer and want to hear your summer plans too. Stop by and say hello, take part in the chat or just listen in.

Alan and Marla are like comfort food but for radio and they’re always up for company.

Rewind: Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell Forced to Relive Ambush Horror as Dog Is Slain

(Editor’s Note: In light or recent news events surrounding Marcus Luttrell, this April 9, 2009 post replaces the original May 13, 2008 post.)

Last week, in the early hours of April Fool’s Day, four teenage boys in Marcus Luttrell‘s Walker County, Texas, hometown, approached the former Navy SEAL’s property and fatally shot his beloved Labrador retriever, Dasy, with a .357 Magnum.

It was a horrific “prank” that, to date, has led to the arrest of one of Dasy’s assassins, Alfonso Hernandez, while another, Michael Edmonds, turned himself in – only to get walk away hours later upon posting bail.

CAPTION: "It was like shooting fish in a barrel," Marcus (above) told us last year of his Taliban attackers' ambush.

"It was like shooting fish in a barrel," Marcus (above) told us last year of his attackers' ambush.

Even more horrific is the fact that Dasy had been given to Marcus to help him recover from the wounds he suffered during a dramatic 2005 battle in Afghan- istan – during which all three of his fellow SEALs dispatched to kill or capture high- ranking Taliban leader Ahmad Shah were themselves killed.

Each letter of the name “Dasy” represents one of the fallen members of his sniper team: Daniel “Danny” Dietz, Matthew “Axe” Axelson, “Southern Boy” Marcus and Michael “Yankee” Murphy.

In the hours after Dasy’s killing, Marcus pursued the four punks for 40 miles in a high-speed car chase that crossed three counties, according to the Houston Chronicle. All the while, he “stayed on the line with a 911 emergency operator as he tried to catch the car.”

CAPTION: Marcus' late yellow Lab, Dasy.

Marcus' late yellow Lab, Dasy.

“I told them, ‘You need to get somebody out here because if I catch them I’m going to kill them,'” Marcus – reliving the horror of his Taliban battle – told the paper of his conversation with the operator.

In June 2007, Marcus pub- lished Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, a critically-acclaimed account of his ill-fated mission.

Eleven months later, he appeared on BlogTalkRadio’s Now Is the Time to discuss the impact that mission – and his book – had had on his life.

“There’s a lot of guys out there that are pretty well trained. They’re pretty good at what they do,” Marcus told hosts Alan Levy and Marla “The FlyLady” Cilley of the Taliban soldiers who cornered and slew his comrades in the Hindu-Kush mountains in eastern Afghanistan.

CAPTION: Marcus (right) with fellow SEAL Danny Dietz, who perished in the ambush.

Marcus (right) with fellow SEAL Danny Dietz, who perished in the ambush.

“The next day, I must’ve stepped off the mountain two, three times and fell hundreds of feet,” he adds while recounting his harrowing flight to safety.

To hear Marcus’ full May 2008 interview – during which he also discusses his Navy SEAL “buzz training”; how he was rescued by the Green Berets; how his Texas hometown rallied around his family in the wake of media reports that he’d been killed in Afghanistan; and how his twin brother, Jim, never believed that Marcus was dead – click here.

To read the Houston Chronicle‘s lastest in Dasy’s killing – including how Marus reacted to the horrific incident – click here.

Seize the Moment with Alan Levy and The FlyLady

Our own CEO Alan Levy and Marla “FlyLady” Cilley have joined forces to teach people how to seize the moment and make things happen in your life! Today. Right now.

Now Is The Time is the weekly broadcast from Alan and Marla, two people who know how to get things done. And they’re making a difference, too. Consider the following testimonial sent to FlyLady, akin to what she receives on a regular basis.

This one is of particular interest, because not only has this women decided to pay it forward and help other people, she is using BlogTalkRadio to do it – from Australia. BlogTalkRadio helps people jumpstart their lives while jumping geography.

Dear FlyLady and crew, I took your advice to do it now, I am no expert, just an ordinary person ­ but I am just jumping in where I am! I have launched my own BlogTalkRadio program called Naturelady. Just as you hope to help just one person, I too hope to get people to make small changes to make the world a happier, healthier and more environmentally sustainable place. I just did my first program and I think it was O.K. I have a long way to go but I hope that one day I will have a small loyal audience. I have modeled my Yahoo group on yours, that is keeping all my web content free so as many people who wish to partake of the info can. FlyLady you have given me the wings to soar. HUGZ and love forever, Your FlyBaby, Naturelady

Now is the time. What are you doing to seize the moment?

Changing Lives with BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio is changing lives, and we have proof!

bethirvine.jpgWe would like to welcome a new show to our community called Healthy Mother, Healthy Child. On this show, hosted by Beth Irvine, listeners are led through breathing and relaxation exercises. The purpose of Beth’s show is “helping mothers reduce their stress because happy mothers make healthy children.” And it works.

Over the weekend, we read this post that quotes a letter from the FlyLady’s mailing list:

Dear FlyLady and All,

Thank you so much for introducing us to Beth Irvine. She saved me a trip to the emergency room and possibly another hospitalization.

This is not an exaggeration, either. Due to stress and anxiety, I was having another bout with atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response. If I can get it under control within an hour, it’s okay. Longer than that, and the doctors want to see me in the emergency room. Well, it had been going on for close to an hour, and I was trying to relax by going through my e-mails when I read your “Take 15 Minutes to Relax with Beth Irvine” Don’t Procrastinate” e-mail.

In less than 15 minutes, while sitting in my chair and following her instructions, my heart rate went from over 180 beats per minute back down to it’s normal 72 beats per minute. And I am still relaxed. Believe me, I will be listening (and relistening) and following her instructions on a daily basis.

So, thank you for the introduction and than Ms. Irvine for her instructions.

An Okey FlyBaby

flyladysmall.jpgThere is no doubt that BlogTalkRadio’s positive programming is touching lives and creating community.

Tune into FlyLady and Alan’s new show “Now is the Time” debuting on Tuesday night at 8pm ET.

Learn more about Beth Irvine at her website. And treat yourself to an episode of her show.

Special thanks to Marla, the FlyLady, and her community for bringing the post to our attention, and for bringing positive vibes to BlogTalkRadio.

FlyLady And Friends Unveiled on The Alan Levy Show

FlyLady Marla Cilley, featured host on BlogTalkRadio, will join CEO Alan Levy on The Alan Levy show today to announce some big news.

She will join Alan and Hilary on The Alan Levy show today at 3pm ET to announce details about her upcoming television program “FlyLady and Friends.”

AlanFlyLadyFlyLady touches hundreds of thousands of people each and every day who rely on her insight, pep talks and no-nonsense solutions to everyday problems.

For example, here is just a sample of the anonymous comments FlyLady gets everyday since she joined us here at BlogTalkRadio:

Thanks for creating a show on Blog Talk Radio!! I started on Halloween, and I am hooked!!!!
Top FIVE reasons to love BLOG Talk Radio:
Number 5: Available whenever I want to listen to it. There are even archives back to Sept.
Number 4: When the phone rings or a kid comes up with a question, I can pause it.
Number 3: While I am listening, I can get so much done! I have shined sink, paid bills, cleaned counters and flung paperwork.
Number 2: Hear other women with some of the same issues I have.
Number 1: I can hear the voice of Flylady and Leanne in my head now!!!

And that’s a great testimonial to FlyLady, Leanne and BlogTalkRadio. We are pleased to be a part of what FlyLady provides.