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‘Worldfocus’ Wins Prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for Congo Series

In October 2008, WNET.ORG’s Worldfocus traveled to eastern Congo as fighting in the decade-long civil war there – which has been called the deadliest conflict since World War II – intensified.

The crew was comprised of correspondent Michael J. Kavanagh and cameraman and producer Taylor Krauss.

Two months later, Worldfocus anchor Martin Savidge would take to the PBS airwaves with one story about the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Congolese, and another detailing the use of rape as a political weapon in the Congo.

CAPTIONS: Michael reporting from the Congo for his award-winning series. (Photo: Taylor Krauss)

Michael reporting from the Congo for his award-winning series. (Photo: Taylor Krauss)

Now, in recog- nition of Michael, Taylor, executive producer Marc Rosenwasser and producer Lisa Biagiotti‘s efforts to expose these war-wrought horrors, the night- ly news program has been honored with a Robert F. Kennedy Journal- ism Award for Crisis in the Congo: The Story of Pascal and Vestine.

“This two-part ‘Signature Story’ reflects the courage, timeliness and skill in bringing an underreported story to a large American audience,” WNET.ORG President Neal Shapiro tells us.

The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award honors outstanding reporting on the lives and strife of disadvantaged people worldwide. Led by a committee of six independent journalists, the annual awards are judged by more than 50 journalists.

BlogTalkRadio congratulates the entire Worldfocus team on its achieve- ment.worldfocus

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PBS’ ‘Worldfocus’ Expands on BlogTalkRadio

Former CNN and NBC News correspondent Martin Savidge took the BlogTalkRadio airwaves last night with a special report on Kashmir, that long-disputed South Asian region controlled by India, Pakistan and China – which, in the wake of the November 26 Mumbai terrorist attacks, has once again become a political hot button.

But it wasn’t in any “former” capacity that Martin examined this smoldering issue with a panel of experts including Ohio University cultural anthropologist Haley Duschinski, Languages of Belonging: Islam, Regional Identity and the Making of Kashmir author Chitralekha Zutshi, and one-time Ambassador of Pakistan Azmat Hassan.

Going – and growing – global.

Martin: Going – and growing – global.

It was as anchor of Worldfocus.

Sporting a team of seasoned journalists and production professionals, the new PBS weeknight news program taps the resources of reporters throughout the globe.

“A lot of news organizations have been cutting back because it is very expensive to go out there and cover stories around the world,” says Martin, who in 2000 won an Edward R. Murrow Award for his reporting on the Elián González custody battle between Cuba and the U.S.

“At Worldfocus, we’re going the opposite way. We’re growing; we’re expanding. We’re doing that by reaching out to our partners, of which we have many all around the world. That’s something you won’t find on the other networks.”

In the coming weeks, Martin will be bringing more world-focused reports to BlogTalkRadio. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you liked his Kashmir special, feel free to email his producer, Steve Puschel, and let them both know, “I want my Worldfocus!”

Steve can be reached at puschels@thirteen.org

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