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Daily Highlights: Wednesday; September 15, 2010


At 11 AM Baseball Digest Live host Mark Healey goes one-on-one with America’s greatest documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns. The Emmy winner will discuss Baseball: The Tenth Inning, a sequel (of sorts) to his 1994 Baseball series, which debuts Sept. 28 on PBS.

At noon Josh Duhamel agreed to pose in his BVDs for the Life as We Know It poster—his new flick with Katherine Heigl—only if Warner Bros. agreed to fix his gam in post: “I was like, ‘OK dude,'” he tells Robin Milling, “‘I’ll do the underwear. But please make my right calf look a little bit bigger!'”

At 8 PM Artists on Demand swoops in on Sara Canning, who plays Jenna Sommers on The Vampire Diaries—and who began her career playing Nicky Hilton in the 2008 TV flick Paparazzi Princess: The Paris Hilton Story. Plus: Comedian Chris Valenti.

At 4 PM In the Mix host Donna Sam gives it up for Tichina Arnold, who had us roaring as Pamela James on Martin before tackling the role of young (TV) Chris Rock’s mom on Everybody Hates Chris. The funny lady will chat about her latest creative outlet—belting out pop tunes.

At 7 PM Random Talk Radio’s Inga Prater cuts loose with the Conan O’Brien Band, who are promoting a Sept. 19 fundraiser for a new documentary about Chuck Berry’s late piano player, Johnnie Johnson. The guys will also fill us in on (shhh) Conan’s new late-night TBS show, launching Nov. 8.

At 1130 AM Around the Water Cooler host Jonathan Hall talks with Patricia Tocalino, the lead scientist on a U.S. Geological Survey report on contaminants in well water used as sources of tap water. Find out who may be affected—and what can we do about this potential danger.

*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.

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‘Martin’ Star Tommy Ford: ‘The Biggest Insult I Could Imagine Was a Man Who Had No Job’

CAPTION: "But it worked," Tommy (above) tells us of his character's undefined vocation. "Out of honest dialogue burst this whole new gag that ran for years."

"But it worked," Tommy (above) tells us of his character's undefined vocation. "Out of honest dialogue burst this whole new gag that ran for years."

Thomas Mikal Ford may have appeared to be perpetually unemployed on Martin, but in real life, that image was the source of endless anguish.

Interviewed on Rodney Perry Live, the actor who played Martin Lawrence‘s BFF Tommy Strawn on the hit ’90s sitcom recounts how his trademark schtick came about.

“We got back for our second season, and we hadn’t been back for several months, and we’re sittin’ around doin’ a table read [of the script] and the idea comes up: Maybe Martin meets Tommy after work,” Tommy tells host Rodney Perry.

“And then Martin stops reading and goes, ‘Wait a minute. Tommy, what the hell do you do?’

“He wasn’t in character; he was being Martin. He says, ‘You have a job?’

CAPTION: The "Martin" cast: Wasssup on the job front?

Martin & company: Wasssup on the job front?

“I said, ‘Of course I have a job!’ And I’m startin’ to explain but everybody’s like ‘No no no no no!  Don’t explain. We love it!’

“But I’m like, ‘No, we don’t love that. I got to have a job,'” Tommy continues.

“My dad was an MP in the Navy. His motto was ‘Nothin’ comes to a sleeper but a dream. Get off your butt and do somethin’!’

“For me, the biggest insult I could imagine was a man who had no job.”

To hear Tommy’s full interview, click here.