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Healthy Vision with Dr. Val JonesWhen you think of summer, many Americans think of beach days, barbeques, and vacations. Most of those activities involve spending prolonged time outdoors, which serves as a reminder to protect the entire family harmful UV rays. Broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must for your skin, but what about your eyes? Tune in here to Healthy Vision™ with Dr. Val Jones to hear tips and recommendations from two experts on how to protect your body from head-to-toe. Tune in here.

Tavis-277x180 (1)Listen to The Tavis Smiley Network (TSN) and stay up to date on what’s new in politics, entertainment, literature and more.  Last week Tavis spoke with Dr. Robin D.G. Kelly, renowned African American Studies scholar about the Trayvon Martin case.  Host Rolonda Watts welcomed esteemed poet and author, Maya Angelou. And that’s not all, check here to see who else came to TSN last week.

Frank Fontana of The Down and DirtyOn Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, meet Phil and Jeremy Gerber, co-owners of the Roadster Shop where the restomod will take place this summer, as well as, car enthusiast and host of The Drive Show, Alan Taylor. Frank also checks in with Carson Stalnaker from The Legendary Shots – their YouTube videos include: “The World’s Farthest Basketball Shot” and “Flyboarding Shot.” Tune in here.

It’s a Heart-Warming Edition of ‘The Mix’

You read that right.

Everyone’s favorite pod-jock – the ever devilish Shaun Daily – gets warm and fuzzy tonight while delivering answers to such all-important questions as:

—How Maya Angelou rose above racism to become San Francisco’s first black female cable car conductor.

CAPTION: “He looked at me and pointed at his heart,” Sheila E (here with frequent collaborator Prince) tells us of a defining moment onstage with her dad.

“He looked at me and pointed at his heart,” Sheila E (here with Prince) tells us of a defining moment onstage with her dad.

—When, where and why Kiss frontman Gene Simmons bonded with Tom Selleck.

—Why Poetry Man singer Phoebe Snow has vowed to take a DNA test.

—What content – produced by a BlogTalkRadio host – Al Franken says has a certain “charm” to it.

—How percussionist Sheila E came to realize exactly what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

—What it is about being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model that doesn’t exactly sit well with Aussie stunner Jessica Hart.

—Why the Jonas Brothers’ dad was none too impressed that his sons were well-schooled in a certain environmental issue.

So don’t miss The Mix, tonight – and every Monday – at 9 p.m. ET!

To tune in, click here.

Maya Angelou: I Didn’t Even Get a Job Application ‘Because I’m a Negro’

It’s no secret that Maya Angelou is a great chronicler of her own life and often hard times.

And despite the burdens she has borne and oppressions she has met, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer has always overcome them with dignity and humor.

Case in point, her first job.

CAPTION: “I couldn’t face my mother,” Maya tells us was her impetus for overcoming racism.

“I couldn’t face my mother,” Maya tells us was her impetus for rising above racism.

After her parents split up in 1931, Maya, then three, moved from her hometown of St. Louis to San Francisco with her mother and brother.

Twelve years later, she would break her first racial barrier, by becoming the city’s first black female streetcar conductor.

The road to that achievement, however, was a painful one, as she tells host Judy Joy Jones on this week’s Judy Joy Jones Show.

“I was 15. I had come back from being with my father in San Diego. And I had missed about four weeks of school. But I was ahead, so my mother said I didn’t have to go to school that semester – but I had to have a job,” says Maya, now 80, whose latest book is titled Letters to My Daughter.

“Now, I had seen women on the streetcar in their uniforms with their change belt; you know, that little metal thing – ‘click, click.’ And they had caps with bibs on them.  And they looked so cute.

“So I went down to apply for a job. And I didn’t notice there were no blacks. I just saw women.  But no one would even offer me an application. So I went back to my mother and I was really devastated.

“She asked me, ‘Do you know why?’ I said, ‘Yes, because I’m a negro.’ She said, ‘Do you want the job?’ I said, ‘Yes.’letters-to-my-daughter

“‘Then go get it,’ she said. ‘You be there before the secretaries come in in the morning. And you stay there. And when they go to lunch, then you go to lunch . . . But be back before the secretaries.’

“Well, I did it.  And I’ll tell you, I almost died. Because the girls who worked there were so rude. [But] I sat there.

“So after about two weeks, a man came out of the office [and] asked me, ‘You want to work on the streetcars?’ He asked me what kind of experience I had.

“I lied. I told him I had been a chaufferette by the name of Annie Henderson in Stamps, Arkansas.

“Annie Henderson was my grandmother. I don’t even think she had ever even ridden in a car. They gave me the job, though!”

To hear more life recollections from Maya, click here.

BlogTalkRadio Today: February 18, 2009

Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou

by Deborah Ng

BlogTalkRadio‘s content gets better every day. I’m very impressed with the guests our resourceful hosts are interviewing. Today is no exception. Check out today’s highlights: (All times EST)

  • Dr. Maya Angelou, poet, bestselling author, educator, and civil rights activist, shares her legendary wisdom that can help listeners and readers find their true voices visits with Judy Joy Jones this afternoon at 1:00.
  • Join with Nikki Starr, this afternoon at 1:00,  to ask questions, learn how to upload music, take callers, and promote your show on BlogTalkRAdio 101.
  • Live from Hollywood’s Kodak Theater, home of the Academy Awards, Empty Nesters Radio broadcasts a conversation with Dr. John La Puma, author of Chef MD, this afternoon at 2:00.
  • Twin Towers Sports Radio welcomes Jason “Heat” Rosell from VH1’s reality hits I Love New York and I Love Money.Come and dish at 7:00 p.m.
  • At 2:00 p.m. Danna  Crawford is live from eBay Headquarters, where Sharon Guldner explains how eBay sellers can become part of the Education Specialist program and take your eBay experience to the next level.

Hope you have a great day! Please see our On Air Schedule for a rundown of all of today’s BlogTalkRadio programming.