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MediaLizzy: Heading Right on AOL



We love watching our hosts succeed and MediaLizzy certainly doesn’t disappoint. Monday found her Heading Right article speculating on McCain’s VP choices on the front page of AOL!  Further proof of Lizzy’s popularity is in her AOL Hot Seat Poll – which so far has yielded over 50,000 responses! Plus, over 225 people commented.

It’s no small feat to be featured on the front page of a major Internet news source. Congratulations for MediaLizzy for being up to the task.

The Last Men Standing …

The last men standing in the Republican race have much in common.  Both Mike Huckabee and John McCain were considered out of the running for the Republican presidential nomination.  Both of them had run out of money and momentum.  And both saw their fortunes rise after multiple appearances on BlogTalkRadio!

Now, we’re not saying that BlogTalkRadio made them successes.  They did that themselves, and the voters have spoken.  We’re just pointing out that their success had at least a few BTR appearances as a start.

Check out Heading Right Radio and do a search for the three interviews we did with both front runners in the GOP.  Maybe another few appearances by the winners of both parties could make the difference in November …?