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Meat Loaf: Peeved at Record Label for Improper Promotion of His Latest Offering

Guess one out of two continents ain’t good enough for Meat Loaf.

Interviewed on Brandon’s Buzz, the superstar rocker—whose 1977 album, Bat out of Hell, yielded such hits as Two out of Three Ain’t Bad and Paradise by the Dashboard Light while selling 40 million copies—gripes about his latest effort, Hang Cool Teddy Bear.


"I'm at a total loss," Meat Loaf (above) tells us. "I don't understand the business at all anymore."

“It’s kind of being hidden at the moment in the United States, and that’s really a drag,” the Dallas native tells host (and fellow Lonestar Stater) Brandon Henslee of the concept album, which was released April 19 in the UK by Mercury Records and May 11 in the US by Loud & Proud Records.

“I’m very frustrated with the record company at the moment. I’m really frustrated with them here in America.

“I did a record skewed to a younger demographic. I realize [Loud & Proud] wants to hit the older demographic because they are the people who bought records before—but some of them are dead. I mean nothing personal, but Continue reading