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Joe the Plumber: ‘Maybe I’ll Take a Chance’ on Running for Public Office

Mayor Joseph Wurzelbacher? Governor Joseph Wurzelbacher? Senator Joseph Wurzelbacher? President Joseph Wurzelbacher?

Could happen – as the man known to millions as “Joe the Plumber” tells us himself.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio’s Petoskey News-Review, the companion program to the Petoskey News-Review daily newspaper in Petoskey, Mich., Joe says he’s pondering tossing his hat into the political ring.

CAPTIONS: "'Joe the Plumber' does open doors to different event and to different people," Joe (above) tells us. "But I don't see myself as a celebrity."

"'Joe the Plumber' does open doors," the would-be candidate (above) tells us. "But I don't see myself as a celebrity."

When host, and News- Review reporter, Noah Fowle asks, “Do you have hopes of running for public office?” Joe – who shot to fame during last year’s presidential election after questioning Barack Obama about the then-Democratic candidate’s tax policies – replies:

“It really just depends on – we need to grow the base of American people who become involved in their gov- ernment, be they Dem- ocrats or Republicans.

“Ultimately we have the same goal, but we have the extremists on either side of the ball who seem to want to mess it up on us.

“So first we grow the base, then maybe I’ll take a chance.”

But if the Holland, Ohio, resident does in fact seek public office, it might well be on an independent ticket.

“I never thought my voice would carry any weight. But then you lose – I don’t want to say interest. Just knowing that your voice carries no weight, why bother?” adds Joe during the 30-minute interview.

“And that’s what our mentality has been for a very long time. I spent three weeks in Washington in February and it was – oh, lord have mercy – I came back very cynical.

“I saw the inner workings. I was up there interviewing senators about this bailout. And not one – Democrat or Republican – mentioned cutting anything. They all talked about – even the Republicans – they all talked about spending $500 billion or $600 billion.

“Us regular American people, when we don’t make enough money to cover our bills, we cut things.”

Joe, who this Friday, May 1, in Petoskey will be attending the Little Traverse Tea Party – one of the many grassroots tax protests that have been springing up nationwide – also discusses:

-Which one politician on Capitol Hill he actually likes – and why.

-Why he’s a staunch supporter of states rights and term limits.

-Why he “can’t stand television.”

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