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Doug Ellin’s Dad: Why’d You Make Me Do Four Takes on ‘Entourage’?

His show may be called Entourage, but last night on BlogTalkRadio, it was more like All in the Family!

Not long after Doug Ellin sat down with The Alan Levy Show host Alan Levy to chat about Season Six of the hit HBO series – which kicks off this summer – a surprise caller from Long Island threw the executive producer for a loop.

One take doesn’t cut it!

Doug: One take doesn’t cut it!

Turns out that Doug’s dad, Marvin Ellin, had a bone to pick with his son.

“I was wondering if Doug could an- swer how much influence he thinks his father had in his success?” Marvin teased.

“Lots of influence. Tremendous in- fluence. What else you got, Marv?” Doug replied from his L.A. crib.

That was when Marvin – who put in an Alfred Hitchcock-like appear- ance on last season’s Entourage finale, where the cast returned to the Big Apple – needled Doug about winding up with scant screen time.

“What a disappointment! I’ll get him for that,” said Marvin. “I had my one big starring role: Walking up a flight of stairs – and in one-eighth of a second I was gone!”

As “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly descends into the NYC subway system, Marvin exits.

Blink and you missed him: As “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly descends into the NYC subway system, Marvin exits.

“It wasn’t cut. That was pretty much it. That was how it was shot,” explained Doug.

“Why did I have to do it four times?” asked Marvin.

Because if you stink – if we used the take you were in, you wouldn’t be in it at all,” laughed Doug.

“Then you would’ve really been cut.”

Doug also revealed to Alan how Encourage came to land Olympic hero Michael Phelps and Oscar winner Martin Scorsese for the same episode – as well as which pro athletes he’s hoping to wrangle in for Season Six (hint: one’s a recently-wed Super Bowl champ).

To hear Doug’s full interview, click here.