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Behind the Velvet Rope: Amber and Kelly Reveal How to Access Manhattan’s Hottest New Hotspot

Wanna make it past that bouncer standing guard at the nightclub you’ve been waiting weeks to get into?

What, ME wait in line?

Kate: What, ME wait in line?

Then you’ve clicked on the right blog post.

Because BlogTalkRadio’s newest celebrity hosts – Amber Lee Ettinger and Kelly Brady – will be letting you in on the secrets of getting ushered past the hoard and into the promised land.

On the debut edition of Access New York with Amber & Kelly, the delicious duo welcome Matt Levine, owner of the super-exclusive Eldrige in Manhattan’s East Village – where entrance requires a “laser-engraved entry card.”

Inside the Eldridge – IF you’re lucky enough to get there.

Newly opened this summer, the Eldridge has no bartenders. Instead, those staffers pouring libations are called “butlers.” Ditto waitresses – who are known as “table attendants.”

To date, the luxe lounge, which has a max- imum capacity of 85 people, has roped in such bold-faced names as Kate Moss and Michelle Trachtenberg.

And even though your name may not be quite as bold, Matt will offer you hints on getting into his club, as well as other NYC and LA hot spots.

Access New York with Amber & Kelly
kicks off tonight at 7 p.m. ET.  To listen, click here.