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Is Satellite Radio Dead?

Indeed it is – according to Mike Elgan, a leading tech writer whose work appears in Computer World, InformationWeek, Ziff-Davis Enterprise and other sway-holding publications.

“Satellite radio will come crashing down to Earth within the next two years,” he writes in Datamation’s lead story today, titled “Satellite Radio Is Dead.”

Among Mike’s reasons for this dismal projection?  The emergence of podcasting as a playa.

“Six trends will kill satellite radio,” predicts Mike.

“Six trends will kill satellite radio,” predicts Mike.

“Most podcasts are better served asynchronously. But for news and [sporting events], live is superior. And that was a huge advantage of radio – satellite or otherwise – over podcasts,” he says.

“But sites like BlogTalkRadio are changing all that, and podcasting is quickly turning into a medium where shows are broadcast live, then made available as a download forever.”

And the guru holds nothing back when summing up terrestrial’s celestial completion:

“The ugly truth is that satellite is simply an obsolete way to deliver sound. It’s nothing more than an insanely expensive, limited, proprietary content delivery system that increasingly competes head-to-head against the Internet itself.”

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