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Blurb! Book of the Week: Dr. David Robinson’s ‘Transforming Body, Mind & Spirit’

Does “living fit, trim and healthy for the rest of your like without expensive diets, weight-loss pills or programs” sound too good to be true?

Not to the thousands of Americans who have embraced the methods outlined in Dr. David Robinson’s Transforming Body, Mind & Spirit: The NonDiet Way to Live Fit, Trim, Healthy for Life.


Dr. Robinson: Are you trying to seduce us?

Nor to Blurb! hosts Sally Shields and Dr. Kent, who have selected his self-help book as this week’s Blurb! Book of the Week.

Having overcome childhood obesity in adolescence, Dr. Robinson tells us he has been “maintaining great physical condition, great health and a wellness lifestyle for more than 25 years.”

“My mission is to Continue reading