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How BlogTalkRadio Changed A Life

The following is an email from host Miss D. Bleu that details how the BlogTalkRadio network changed her life. Read on.

BTR saved my life. I was in a funk, bored, feeling my creativity being sapped by a job I absolutely abhorred. Surfing the MySpace fantastic one fateful afternoon, I came across a friend’s blog and started hearing voices.

Thinking I was cracking up and that my job had finally snapped me, I started picturing what the padded room was going to look like. Then, I noticed a tiny little media player in the blog’s banner. I don’t know what made me click it, it didn’t look like a link to anywhere. Suddenly, I was in a world of endless possibility… I could host my own show! This didn’t seem real.

The wheels started turning and the plan formulated itself with little help from me. I had already tried to rally a group of my friends about 6 months prior to finding BTR to start our own internet radio show on a station that was well established, but the plan had fizzled and I was all but ready to let my dream of letting the world in on my personal punchline implode.

With BTR, I had a platform to discuss everything from Election 2008 to STD’s and everything in between while keeping the perspective fresh and funny. This medium has given us a fan base we would not have otherwise had and we will soon be branching out into party promotion in the Philadelphia area, an endeavor close to our partying hearts. My creativity returned, I got a new 9-5 and some day soon, WWTF Radio will take over the world! Or maybe just Philadelphia, but the chance to start is invaluable.

Thank you Alan Levy!!!

Miss D. Bleu
Co-Host/Producer of WWTF Radio