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BlogTalkRadio and Yankee Group Produce Live Call-in Radio Show

“Post 2008 Consumer Electronics Show Analyst Roundtable” to Air on January 16th, Featuring Key Yankee Group Consumer Analysts

NEW YORK, NY — January 15, 2008 — BlogTalkRadio (www.BlogTalkRadio.com), the Internet’s first live social talk radio network for citizen broadcasters, today announced that it is partnering with Yankee Group, the first independent technology research and consulting firm exclusively focused on connectivity change, to produce the “Post 2008 Consumer Electronics Show Analyst Roundtable” radio program. The live program will air on January 16th at 11:00 AM ET.

BlogTalkRadio’s VP of Business Development, John C. Havens, will host the live broadcast, and it will feature three Yankee Group analysts, Michael Goodman, director of digital entertainment, Josh Martin, consumer research analyst, and Jennifer Simpson, consumer research analyst. Each analyst will provide insight on the top trends and products from this year’s CES. The show can be heard live online the Yankee Group profile page on BlogTalkRadio (www.BlogTalkRadio.com/YankeeGroup). Listeners are encouraged to call into the show and discuss the topics with the analysts at (347) 205-9329.

“We are witnessing swelling ranks of connected-consumers raising demand for digitally-delivered content due to the impact of ubiquitous connectivity,” said John Jacobs, senior vice president of Marketing and Product Management at Yankee Group. “Together, BlogTalkRadio and Yankee Group will offer listeners important and interesting developments of 2008 CES through this new channel that is beginning to resonate strongly with our audience.”

“After participating in Yankee Group’s 2007 Mobile Internet World, we’re very excited to be working as a partner with Yankee Group for this CES-specific program,” said BlogTalkRadio’s Havens. “Yankee Group’s unparalleled research on global connectivity change is in-line with what BlogTalkRadio seeks to deliver to our wide audience; rich, socially-impacted news and insights.”

After the live broadcast, listeners will be able to hear a podcast of the show on Yankee Group’s profile page on BlogTalkRadio.

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