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Earn Money With Our Affiliate & Revenue Sharing Program

The great thing about being a host on BlogTalkRadio is that not only do you get to create your own live talk radio show, but you can also make money while you’re at it.  Just this week, we did a BlogTalkRadio University show all about our Affiliate and Revenue Sharing Programs, which you can listen to here.  We had special guest, Mike Shelton, our Director of Marketing Acquisition at BlogTalkRadio, come on to break down our Affiliate Program, which he runs.

Here are the programs in a nutshell, which will help you to understand why being a part of both programs is a win/win for you.  Did we mention, they are free for you to join?

Affiliate Program

How does it work? You place BlogTalkRadio banners and text links, that we provide to you, on your website or blog.  Each time, someone clicks through and signs up for one of our Premium, Plus or Pro packages you get paid from $25 to $175.

To join the program, click here.

Revenue Sharing Program

How does it work? Earn 35% of advertising revenue for advertising impressions (video, audio, banner) displayed to your BlogTalkRadio listeners that visit your profile or episode pages.

To join the program, click here.

Of course the income  you generate from both programs varies and is dependent on how much work you put in to marketing your show.  The more traffic you can drive, the more revenue you can generated for yourself.  For tips on marketing your show, visit Marketing Club and to listen to the entire broadcast on the topic of Affiliate and Revenue Share, click here.

Learn How To Attract Advertisers & Sponsors

Many of our hosts have come to us asking how they can monetize or make money from their BlogTalkRadio show.  So recently, we decided to host a special series on how to attract advertisers and sponsors as part of our programming for Marketing Club. Marketing Club is part of BlogTalkRadio University, our free educational class series.  If you missed out on these episodes, you can tune in to this 3 part series right here.

Part 1: Getting Your Show Advertiser/Sponsor Ready

Part 2: Building a Media Kit

Part 3: Advertiser/Sponsor Outreach

Be sure to attend Marketing Club for more insight on how to market and monetize your show!  We broadcast every other Tuesday at 1PM EST – make sure to follow us so you don’t miss out on the next broadcast.  We hope to see you there!