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ABC News Features BlogTalkRadio – Thanks Dad

For those of you that have followed BlogTalkRadio, the story of how I came up with the idea was told.

When I was growing up in Seaford, Long Island my dad was in the dry cleaning business. He and my uncle owned a few dry cleaning stores located in Manhattan. The store my dad spent most of his time (and life) at was just adjacent to Lincoln Center on W. 64th in Manhattan.

During my adolescent years, I used to take the train from our house in long island to help my dad out in his store. I would sweep up, tag and bag clothes and my favorite job…..delivering the dry cleaning. In those days, getting a dollar or two dollar tip from the wealthy NYC customers was big stuff, especially for a 14 year old kid in the 70’s.

ABC TV studios was located adjacent to the apartment building where my dad’s store was located. Some of his customers were Sam Donaldson, Geraldo Rivera, Barbara Walters and many other ABC personalities. If I was lucky enough I used to deliver dry cleaning to some of these TV personalities. It was exciting stuff!!

Yesterday, with great help from Marisol at Middleberg Communications, our excellent PR agency, we were able to secure a TV spot on ABC News Now called Money Matters for BlogTalkRadio (video below):

Host and BlogTalkRadio fitness director Peter K joined me on the 5 minute piece. I was pleased with how the clip came out and as a follower of BlogTalkRadio, you will notice that the anchor on the broadcast sounds just like the British lady which proceeds every one of our broadcasts.

AlanCleaners So here I was standing outside my father’s dry cleaning store just having been broadcast on a major TV network, the network where I used to deliver dry cleaning. This is the first time I had seen my dad’s store in perhaps 20 years. Of course, I had to pop my head into the store and tell the non English speaking Korean owners that 30 years ago my dad owned this store. They had no clue what I was talking about, but they did smile a lot.

Peter took this picture of me in front of Lincoln Plaza Valet. I felt my dad everywhere yesterday afternoon. As I looked around the store, as I walked into the ABC building and as I sat in front of the camera answering the question…”What inspired you to create BlogTalkRadio?”

Thanks Dad.