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Rewind: Ramones Drummer Recounts Convicted Killer Phil Spector’s Firearms Fix

Marky: No weapons wielded while laying tracks for 1980 album.

Marky: No weapons wielded while laying tracks for 1980 album.

Just hours ago, 18 months after his first murder trial ended in a dead- locked jury, Phil Spector was con- victed of fatally shooting acrtress Lana Clarkson.

Now the 69-year-old music impres- ario faces at least 18 years in prison.

Last December, Ramones drummer Marky Ramone recounted how, in 1979, he and his bandmates visited Phil at his home to discuss making an album that would become End of the Century.

“We went to L.A. We went into his mansion. He owned guns. He had a license – but he never pointed any- thing,” Marky told The Ripple Effect hosts Pope John the Enforcer and RacerX.


Phil: Likely to live out rest of days behind bars.

“But there was another time where Dee Dee and Tommy [Ramone] and [tour manager] Monte [Melnick] went to his, ah, I think his house. And they said he pulled out a gun,” the punk-rocker continued.

“But when I was there in the studio, there were no guns.

“He wouldn’t pull out a gun because if it went off, it would kill one of us and then he wouldn’t have a band to produce!”

To hear Marky’s December 29, 2008 interview, click here.