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Bring in More Listeners with Better Show Descriptions

Did you know how you describe your show has a lot to do with how many listeners come on board? It’s true. Your host page is picked up by search engines and viewed by people searching through our programming guides. So it’s in your best interest to be as descriptive as possible.

Here’s another reason.

I have many duties as Community Manager for BlogTalkRadio, two of which are of special interest to our hosts. The first is to maintain this blog and offer highlights of some of the great segments airing everyday. Another is to perform outreach among the blogosphere and social-networking sites to promote our hosts and their segments. These are the most enjoyable parts of my job as I take an hour or two each morning and go through all of the day’s programming to find the most interesting segments. Which brings me to my problem.

I want to feature some of our lesser-known hosts . But that’s hard to do when I click to view a show description and get vague, if any, details. A couple of cases in point:

On Friday I was going through my morning perusal when I came upon a show promising music. So I clicked to see the description and there it was – “music.” But what kind of music? Are there any guests or is the host spinning discs? Is there a co-host? A little banter action? There’s nothing here encouraging me to come back later to listen. And if there’s nothing encouraging me, there’s nothing encouraging someone who is looking for something to listen to.

Another description was for a comedy show. It read “we be funny.” Oh? Prove it. An amusing descriptive paragraph might entice me into coming back later to listen. Moreover, I don’t know if it’s the hosts who are the comedians, or if this is a show filled with recorded comedy sketches. Why are they so funny? Do I want to take the chance in coming back to listen, or do I want to invest my time in a show where I know I’ll be entertained?

Now, our hosts are certainly under no obligation to write a paragraph or two describing their shows, but the chances of me featuring them here or promoting them among the social networks are better if I know what exactly it is I’m to promote.

Every day BlogTalkRadio’s traffic grows and that benefits all of us. I love my job, I love the segments, and I’d love to help you bring more listeners in. Give me something to go on, and I’ll do everything I can to make this possible.