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Becoming a Mother: From Party to Parent

Kristen Chase, host of Motherhood Uncensored welcomes author Rebecca Woolf to BlogTalkRadio for a discussion of her new memoir.

RockabyeMotherhood Uncensored hosts Becoming a Mother: From Party to Parent tonight at 9pm ET (click to listen), featuring author Rebecca Woolf and her new memoir “Rockabye: From Wild to Child.”

Rebecca makes the transition from life as an odd-job doing commitment-phobic, chain-smoking, irresponsible party-girl to life as a work-at-home mother with a different kind of social life. Throughout, Rebecca doesn’t relinquish the token qualities of her free-spirited, pre-baby self; rebelling against both the “soccer mom,” and “young mother” stereotypes, challenging herself to grow up without outgrowing her dreams, and most importantly embracing motherhood without a map.

Sound like you or someone you know? Join Kristen and Rebecca tonight for a lively chat about motherhood, uncensored.

As a side note, Kristen was recently featured and interviewed on The Today Show. Congrats on that achievement, Kristen.

Healthy Holiday Eating – Even for Kids

Is it possible to not overdose your kids (and yourself) on sweets and treats this holiday season? Many people don’t think so, but it can be done. You just need a little know-how.

SmartFoods Motherhood Uncensored will host special guest Kelly Corbet of Smart Foods Healthy Kids tonight at 9pm ET.

Consider these statistics from Corbet’s website:

  • This is the first “modern” generation the Centers for Disease Control predicts will have shorter lifespan than their parents
  • Today in the US, one in fifteen kids under three-years-old has a food allergy
  • Children born after 2000 have ridiculously huge chances of developing diabetes.

Join them tonight to get the skinny on how to eat healthy and still have fun this holiday season.

DivasnBabes Boutique Owner Tonjia Coverdale Stops By

If you’ve ever had the urge to start your own business, then you’ll want to listen to Motherhood Uncensored tonight.

Host Kristen Chase welcomes special guest, mom and owner of DivasnBabes Boutique Tonjia Coverdale tonight at 9pm ET.

DivasNBabesTune in as this entrepreneurial college professor turned successful business owner talks about her success and how you can do it, too.

Tuesday Highlights!

Good Day Friends!! Its Tuesday and let’s see who we have on BlogTalkRadio today!

Ok, here is a show I have been waiting for, Jim Kurkral from www.jimkukral.com will be hosting his first show at 2 Pm EST!! Jim, a marketing guru will be giving free marketing advice and creative idea’s for any business. Click here for Jim’s show “Free Marketing Idea’s”.

Then at 10 Pm we have “Motherhood Uncensored” with Kristen from the poplular blog Motherhood Uncensored. Kristen will be talking about tot yoga, college-prep preschool, homeschooling v public school… Featuring Alex Elliot, PhatMommy and Pundit Mom.

Then we have late night radio as 1 Am will bring along the Myspace sensation “Awesome Zara Says It All”. Zara will host late night shenanagans with as she puts it, “her band of fools”. If anyone wants to find Zara on myspace she can be found “here”.
Enjoy your day folks and remember only 20 more days till Christmas!!! Get those Ipods for your Sweety so they can listen to BlogTalkRadio wherever they go!