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Brittany Flickinger: Paris Hilton Is a ‘Disgusting, Self-centered User’

Brittany Flickinger is one bitter BFF.

While Paris Hilton was launching Season 2 of her MTV reality series, My New BFF, on June 2, the Season 1 winner was busy bashing the hotel heiress here on BlogTalkRadio.

CAPTION: “She used me,” Brittany (above) tells us of Paris.

“I cared about her so much,” Brittany (above) tells us of Paris.

“I’m really sick of getting branded with a bad reputation for hanging out with her and sticking up for such a disgusting, self-cen- tered user. I’m a good person… I have morals. I don’t have to do anything disgusting or rash to get famous,” she told The Radio Happy Hour host Dr. Blogstein.

The bad blood between the duo, said Brittany, began when the series wrapped in December.

“She’d tell me things that made me think I was her best friend. And we got really close. And I’m like, Oh, man, this is really nice,” she said of Paris.

“Then all of a sudden it was like, ‘Casting for BFF2! Better end this now. Bye. I don’t need you anymore.’ That’s disgusting to do to somebody… That’s defamation of character.”

But Brittany didn’t stop there. Recounting her early days on the show with Paris, she said, “It was around the time she broke up with Benji [Madden], so she was feeling lonely. And she would say things to me that led me to believe that she really did think we were best friends.

CAPTION: Happier day à deux: Earlier this year with Paris (left) in Australia.

Happier days à deux: Earlier this year with Paris (left) in Australia.

“So I was like, ‘Oh, s – – -. This girl must be a little f – – – – – up.’”

Brittany’s position on Paris marks a stark departure from how she por- trayed their relationship in January, when she said they were, if not Siamese twins, still quite sisterly.

“We’re not married. We’re BFFs,” she told host Olivia Wilder. “Friends aren’t attached at the hip 24/7. And when we’re somewhere together and we’re not attached at the hip, they’re like, ‘Oh, no. They’re fighting!’”

The spurned reality contestant also accused Paris this week of censoring her in cyberspace:

“Any time I say anything about her to defend myself – after all the interviews she has done lying about me and making all this stupid stuff up – everything that I say is taken off the Internet.”

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