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BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Robin Milling welcomes Filmmaker Gus Van Sant to talk about his latest work Restless. Van Sant chats with Robin about the star of the fim, Henry Hopper, and about Henry’s famous father, the late Dennis Hopper getting a chance to see his son in action.  Van Sant is known for directing a number of hit films including Good Will Hunting, Elephant, and Milk.

Lance Reddick, a former star of HBO’s The Wire, joins Callywood Live to discuss his acting and theater career. Reddick is known for his portrayal of Cedric Daniels on The Wire, a hardheaded yet moral cop in a somewhat corrupt Baltimore police department.  Daniels has also held prominent roles in Oz, Lost, and Law & Order.

Peak Mindset Radio featured a special guest, Les Warner, the former drummer of the British alternative rock band, The Cult.  Les stopped by for a chat about a variety of great topics including music, his life, business, the recession, and  his time with The Cult.



BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Americana Music welcomes comedian/actor Kevin Nealon to the show to discuss his career and banjo playing, among other things. Kevin is known for his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and his portrayal of the character Doug on the hit television show, Weeds.

The Matty P Radio Happy Hour welcomed a star studded cast last week that included reality star turned musician, Tila Tequila! Tila discusses her new hit single ” You Can Dance.” The show also welcomes former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Ricco Rodriguez.

Buzz On Broad Sports Talk Radio welcomes former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and special teams standout Vince Papale. Vince is known from the 2006 movie Invincible, which covers his inspirational journey to becoming a Philadelphia Eagle.  Vince talks about the movie, his new book and much more!

In Politics Talk Radio, Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Jim DeMint (R-SC) join AACONS. Senator Lee is the author of the recently released book, The Freedom Agenda. Senator DeMint authored Saving Freedom and makes his fourth appearance on the show.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Actor/director Michael Rapaport and Phife Dawg, the founding member of the iconic 90’s hip-hop group, A Tribe Called Quest, stop by Film Gordon Radio to discuss their upcoming documentary on the supergroup, Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest.

Morgan Spurlock, the man responsible for the hit documentary SuperSize Me and now the current film, Greatest Interview Ever Sold, joins Mandogg House Radio for this special interview.  Spurlock has taken place in ground-breaking films and television shows to bring light to everything from the pop culture obsessed to political/social subjects that touch our every day lives.

Jasam Radio welcomes to the show Jeff Timmons, founding member of the group 98 Degrees. While in 98 Degrees, they produced multi-platinum records, 8 top ten singles, and a Grammy nomination. Jeff speaks of his busy life since the break up of the group, including partaking in a VH1 reality series.

On this weeks episode of the Todd Griffiths show, Todd answers all of your questions about numismatics from the leader in tangible asset investing. “When it comes to tangible asset investing, there is no question I won’t answer and no answer I won’t support.”

On the latest segment of The Down & Dirty with Frank Fontana, Frank welcomes Wall Street Journal editor Shelly Branch, who also is the co-author of the best-selling book What Would Jackie Do? An Inspired Guide to Distinctive Living. In the Craftsmanship segment, Frank welcomes Seltzer Studios  owner Merrideth Kalil to the studio.


Jeff Timmons: Hitting the High Notes

You may remember him as the hunky frontman for 90’s boy band 98 Degrees.  But if you ask Jeff Timmons, its been a long time since he graced stages the world over as part of the Grammy-nominated pop singing group.timmons1

Jeff Timmons is back, and better than ever.  He has reinvented himself, with a new solo singing career, as well as new media projects and endeavors.  The latest of which is a live interactive talk show on BlogTalkRadio where he interacts with fans, chats with friends, and shares his latest tunes.

Following the success of his 2004 solo album, Whisper That Way, which he wrote and arranged, Jeff has released his sophomore solo album in December of 2009, featuring new single, Emotional High.  Jeff is busy promoting the album and working with his multi-media distribution company, iamMedia.

Jeff joins The Alan Levy Show tonight at 8pm ET to discuss his career and how he is leveraging social media to promote his music.

Check out Jeff’s show on BlogTalkRadio.

Paging Doctor Sean

We almost lost a music great to the world of medicine.jsean

On today’s SAJA (South Asian Journalists Association) interview with chart-topping singer Jay Sean, the UK-born superstar reveals he was heading down a completely different career path when his music took off.

In the interview, in partnership with SAMMA, South Asians in Media, Marketing, and Entertaiment, Jay Sean reveals that his popularity is no small feat, as he is the first artist of Indian origin to top the Billboard Top 100 at #1 with his hit song, “Down” (featuring Lil’ Wayne).

But instead of having his smooth voice heard on the radio across the world as he does today, Jay could have been seeing patients as Dr. Sean.

When asked about how his South Asian family viewed his career choice and if they pressured him into a more traditional professional career, Jay replied that in fact, he was the one who “wanted to be a doctor.”  Medicine seemed like a natural career choice since growing up, he was “fascinated by science and the body and the mind.”

So, how did Jay make the career switch that led him to super stardom?  Jay explains:

“Simultaneously, I was getting on with music which is my passion, but I guess  I never expected the music to go so crazy. I never expected it to get to the level where it did where I had to make that critical choice, and I made that choice.  And thankfully it was the right choice, and it got me to where I am now.”

So to all you aspiring singers, follow your passion, even if there has never been someone like you at the top before. Especially if you can break barriers for those who will come after.

Listen to the full interview here.

Partying with Cosby on BlogTalkRadio

Have you heard about Bill Cosby’s LISTENing parties?cosnarati

The New York Times just reviewed veteran comedian and cultural icon Bill Cosby’s dive into the social media space, including his use of the BlogTalkRadio platform to broadcast his views in yesterday’s piece, Cosby Takes a Web Plunge, Sweaters in Tow.

Last month, Bill took to BlogTalkRadio’s airwaves for a Virtual Town Hall Meeting at a live event in New York City.  At the event, Bill introduced the new Cosnarati Band to perform tracks from their debut album, Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency.  The album features socially conscious hip hop music, with lyrics written by Bill himself.  The NYC event was designed to stimulate live conversation among Cosby fans of all ages about important social issues such as abuse, peer pressure, and improving education.

cosHere’s where Bill’s LISTENing Parties come in.

Cosby’s initiative aims to increase consciousness about these issues, and to make sure the discussion continues at home.  To this end, he wants fans to order the album and plan a LISTENing party for groups of fans, so they can talk about the issues raised together afterward.  You can host a private LISTENing party, or a public LISTENing event, at your church, school, or in your community.  The public parties get the album gratis and free swag, and are registered at BillCosby.com for easy joinability.  Read the official Party Manual for all the deets.

And if you’re like us, and most of your friends are online, what better way to break down the messages from Bill’s album with a chat on BlogTalkRadio?  If you’re hosting a LISTENing party in your area, register for a free account with us and take your chat to the airwaves, where the intellectual becomes interactive.

American Idol star Justin Guarini launches BlogTalkRadio show

BlogTalkRadio has welcomed many Idol contestants to our airwaves, including Jennifer Hudson and Melinda Doolittle. Moments with Melinda is dedicated to connecting Melinda with her fans.

We are very excited to welcome Season One runner-up Justin Guarini to BlogTalkRadio. Today, Justin launches his own show, The Justin Guarini Show.

By hosting a weekly live show, slated for Tuesday evenings at 9pm ET, Justin hopes to connect with fans on a personal level, and talk to independent musicians about his passion.

His maiden broadcast will include special co-host Shaun Ingram, who has worked with Justin to write many of his songs. The co-hosts will discuss what’s in store for the show, as well as take some calls.

As a down-to-earth musical artist, Justin is enthusiastic about using BlogTalkradio to connect with fans.

He said ““I love being in touch with my fan base and putting them in touch with their favorite bands. And that’s what BlogTalkRadio does like no one else. The bands appreciate and the fans appreciate it. It’s the ‘all-access pass’ mentality.”

The Justin Guarini Show debuts tonight at 9pm ET.

Double Dose of Culture on GlossLip Radio

On today’s special edition of GlossLip Radio, hosts Dawn and Eric interview a titillating duo of guests.

Up first, one of the greatest Brit soul singers, Mick Hucknall of Simply Red (“Holding Back the Years” “Money’s Too tight to Mention” “The Right Thing” “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” “Something Got Me Started” “Stars”) about his new tribute album to soul/blues icon Bobby “Blue” Bland.

Later in the show, exuberant author and sexuality instructor Miyoko Fujimori featured tonight on E!’s new Denise Richards reality show, and as a featured speaker at the Erotica L.A. Expo joins the gang. Fujimori, author of The Housewife’s Guide to the Practical Striptease, Creative Director for Party Gals, the host of Shop Erotic TV, which airs six nights a week on DirecTV and Oxygen, will discuss all her ventures.

Don’t miss the double trouble on GlossLip today!