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Rue McClanahan: I’ve Known Some U.S. Presidents – but Not in the Biblical Sense!

Despite turning 75 this month, Rue McClanahan still has a little Blanche Devereaux left in her.

Interviewed on TV Talk, the Golden Girls star dishes about her recent guest spot on Law & Order, playing the mom of man who claims to be the bastard child of America’s commander-in-chief.


Rue: No real-life White House dalliances.

“I really like digging for different jewels to play. I’ve always loved digging new potatoes in the spring. And I’ve loved looking for Easter eggs all my life. So I like solving puzzles,” Rue tells host Shaun Daily of finding the Law & Order character – and how different that character is from any other she has brought to life.

“I had to play a woman who had an affair with a United States president – or hadn’t.  That’s the question: did she or didn’t she?” she says.

“Because her son says he is the president’s son, so they’re asking her, Did this happen?” Rue, whose memoir is titled My First Five Husbands…And the Ones Who Got Away, continues.

But then, despite Rue’s best intentions, she can’t seem to help giving her libidinous Golden Girls persona a nod.

“That’s something I’ve never done before. I’ve known a couple of presidents – but not that well!”

To hear Rue’s full interview, click here.