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SoundBits: Jo Ann Kubasek Lets YOU Dish with the Stars (Despite Regrets from Nathan Fillion)

Just how devoted are Jo Ann Kubasek’s celebrity guests to the Stardish Radio host? Consider this anecdote: A few months back, Seamus Dever, who plays Detective Kevin Ryan on the hit ABC series Castle, was scheduled to appear on Jo Ann’s show. But shortly before the interview, the actor was unexpectedly called to the set, and had to cancel. To ensure he remained in her best graces, however, Seamus promptly enlisted the help of co-star Nathan Fillion, who plays title character Richard Castlea bestselling mystery writer. And what, pray tell, did Nathan do for Seamus? Why pen the following excuse, of course: “Stardish, We regret to inform you that Seamus cannot attend his interview.” If that doesn’t convince you of Jo Ann’s commitment to reeling in top-notch guests week in, week out, then read on. For the Buffalo, N.Y., residentwhose bookings have included Twilight’s Taylor Lautner, True Blood‘s William Sanderson, The Vampire Diaries‘ Katerina Graham and Jasmine Guy, General Hospital‘s Tyler Christopher, Glee‘s Brooke Newton and Heroes‘ Greg Grunbergmakes it abundantly clear that she’s in the star-dishing game for the long haul…

Jo Ann: Daytime—and prime-time—drama queen.

Jo Ann: Daytime-drama queen. (And prime-time, too!)

Give us a 15-second pitch for your show—why should listeners tune in?

Stardish is a true labor of love for me. My goal is to make it the premier online destination for actors, musicians and artists of any stripe to come and chat. This is a way for fans to get to know their favorite stars in a whole new light. There truly is no other opportunity such like this. It’s fantastic having celebrities—live on my show—wish their fans a happy birthday, or just say hello and thanks for the support. Continue reading