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Find Out What ‘Power to the People’ Really Means | 04.26.13

what the black panthers really meant by ‘power to the people’

by African History Network in CULTURE

Bobby Seale, co-founder of The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, talks about the organization’s history, including the true meaning of terms like “Power to the People” and “Black Power.”

NFL Draft: Pick by pick with Former Jacksonville Jaguar tom McManus

by The Couch Potato in SPORTS

Pick-by-pick coverage of the NFL Draft, with special guest Tom McManus, former linebacker with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

QVC Host Susan Matthews Spring Cleans Your home

by Janet M. Taylor in LIFE

QVC host and lifestyle expert Susan Matthews shares spring cleaning tips ways to help you eliminate the clutter.

Guitar legend john Mclaughlin on storytellers

by Storytellers in MUSIC

Guitar legend John McLaughlin is still going strong after four decades in the biz. Jeff Beck declared him “the best guitarist alive” in 2010. McLaughlin discusses his tour and his latest album, Now Here This.

award-winning poet michael warr honors national poetry month

by Talkupy in POETRY

It’s National Poetry Month! Award-winning poet Michael Warr‘s poems have been dramatized in the theatre, depicted on canvas and featured in a TEDx interactive writing and mentoring workshop.

Programming Highlights; April 17, 2010

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national-poetry-month-scrollerAt 1 AM In celebration of National Poetry Month, The Insomniac Poetry Theater host Deron “Da Educated Poet” Pitts presents the latest in his series spotlighting hot new poets, while opening the mic to wannabe image spinners.



annmcelhinney-scrollerAt 11 AM Host Mark E. Gillar makes room on his sofa for Irish journalist Ann McElhinney, whose documentary, Not Evil, Just Wrong—says The Wall Street Journal—“warns that rushing to judgment in combating climate change would threaten the world’s poor.”



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