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Billy Black Actor Gil Birmingham: ‘Twilight’ Is Shakespeare

We’d never thought of it this way, but Gil Birmingham may be right: The Twilight series does owe a debt to William Shakespeare—namely, the bard’s most romantic play.

Interviewed on Neyom Friday, the actor who plays Billy Black—whose son is werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner)—offers his take on why Twilight is so captivating and addictive to audiences the world over.

“It’s the story of Romeo and Juliet. I think people tap into the heart more than anything. And that’s what they feel, even if it is a fantasy story,” Gil tells host Neyom Friday.


“It’s been spoken of before, but nobody has ever witnessed it or experienced it,” Gil (above with Taylor) tells us of Jacob’s transformation into a werewolf in “New Moon."

“It speaks to the longing that I think we all have, to love and to wanna be loved—and higher aspirations of ourselves.

“That’s why I feel proud to be part of it: It’s not filled with graphic violence or gratuitous sex. It makes you feel good.”

Gil also chats about the hit flick’s forthcoming sequels, New Moon and Eclipse.

“I’m so happy that the storyline’s gonna follow more of ‘the puppy pack,’ as I call them, and the wolves and the development of the story with my son, Jacob,” he says.

“We just finished filming Eclipse and it’s very, very rare to Continue reading

‘Twilight’ Werewolf Rick Mora: Flick Was Shot in Oregon — to Gyp the Local Natives

Fortunate as he was to land a role in last year’s Twilight, Rick Mora has lingering gripes about his employers.

Interviewed on The Hoop, the Native American character actor says that – as part of a longstanding tradition of short-shrifting his people – the producers of the smash-hit flick pulled yet another fast one.

CAPTION: "We're fighting for the same pay that they're going to pay our counterparts who aren't Native American," Rick (above) tells us.

"We're fighting for the same pay they're going to pay our counterparts who aren't Native American," Rick (above) tells us.

“There are reasons why movies like Twilight were shot in Oregon and cast with Oregon natives,” he tells host Neyom Friday.

“It’s because they didn’t want to Continue reading