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Tom Brokaw to America’s College Grads: Consider the Middle—and Far—East

You know the U.S. economy’s in bad shape when even a great patriot like Tom Brokaw is throwing up his hands and saying, Go East, young man.

Interviewed on Money Matters & More, the former NBC Nightly News anchor, who remains a special correspondent for the network, doles out advice to college grads entering today’s job market.

CAPTION: "There's a paucity of that around the work," Tom (above) tells us of young people ready to leave our great nation to find work.

"There's a paucity of that around the work," Tom (above) tells us of young people ready to leave our great nation to find work.

“I wouldn’t be looking just within our borders for opportunities,” he tells host Heather Taylor.

“I’d be looking to see what the chances are of getting a job in the Middle East, for example. Or in India. Or in China,” Tom, who authored the 1998 bestseller The Greatest Generation—and in fact coined that phrase to describe the men and women who helped save the world from tyranny during World War II—continues.

“I’d be looking well beyond—in my case—my regional community. And well beyond even the national borders.

“I’ve talked to a number of very senior American executives who—so much of their work now is offshore—say one of the things they need are people who are willing to pack up and go there and become middle managers.”

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Daily Highlights; August 16, 2010

burt-youngAt 330 PM Breakfree to Success host Doug Foresta goes the distance with Burt Young, who shot to fame in 1976 as Sylvester Stallone’s brother-in-law Paulie in Rocky, before going on to star in such flicks as The Pope of Greenwich Village and Mickey Blue Eyes.

At 3 PM Lessons Learned host Rick Tocquigny rolls out the red carpet for birthday girl Rose Marie, who turned 87 yesterday. Joining the TV legend live will be fellow Dick Van Dyke Show star Carl Reiner, and Peter Marshall, host of the original Hollywood Squares.


At 1 PM Ask Mom RN’s Tamara Walker sits down with NBC News correspondent Dr. Ian Smith—who was recently appointed to President Obama’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition—and Neil Mulholland, CEO of the National Park Foundation, to chat about outdoor family fitness.

At 7 PM OutTakes welcomes Nicolas Coster, who began his film career in the original 1953 Titanic before jumping to TV—where he’s starred on 9 soaps while doing guest spots on more than 100 prime-time series. The British-born actor will chat about his upcoming turn on the web series The Bay.

At 8 PM Somewhere in Vegas host Marq with a Q gets up close and under the microscope with funny lady Angie Greenup, co-host (with Chad Zdenek) of the new G4 TV series It’s Effin’ Science, which explores the weird, wild and offbeat side of the geekiest of all disciplines.

At 7 PM Conversations of Spirited Actor’s Tracey Moore hangs with Yvonna Kopacz-Wright, who began her soap career in 1996 on Days of Our Lives before landing the role of Mel Boudreau on The Guiding Light in 2001. The mom of 2 will chat about juggling family life and a high-profile job.

*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.

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Media A-listers Keep ‘Mediaite’ Listeners Up to Date on Horrific BP Oil Spill

There’s no question that the Gulf Coast is in need of a gargantuan flushing as BP’s broken oil well continues to spew as many as 1.8 million gallons of crude a day into our environment.

But from the sound of things, such a clean-up won’t be happening anytime soon.


Superstar spill coverage (l-r): Anderson, Brian, Kiran, Harry and Sam.

If it’s any consolation, however, BlogTalkRadio’s Mediaite—the companion radio show to leading media site Mediaite.com—has scored a royal flush on the news-update front.

Since last Wednesday, June 2, host Steve Krakauer has welcomed five of the biggest names in TV journalism, all of whom have weighed in live from the rapidly-blackening gulf waters:

NBC News anchor Brian Williams, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, CBS’ Early Show anchor Harry Smith, ABC Good Morning America weather editor Sam Champion, and CNN’s American Morning anchor Kiran Chetry.

Here are some highlights from Continue reading

Brian Williams to President Obama: We the Media Are Here at the Oil Spill Site to Stay

Don’t tell Brian Williams that NBC News will be leaving the site of the catastrophic BP oil spill any time soon.

“I got a kick out of President Obama saying that even when the cameras go away we’ll still be here for ya,” the anchor told our Mediaite host, Steve Krakauer, live from the Gulf Coast yesterday.

CAPTION: "It's pathetic to see those shrimp boats out there without their riggers that are usually filled with rigging to harvest shrimp from the gulf," Brian (above) tells us.

"It's pathetic to see those shrimp boats out there without their riggers that are usually filled with rigging to harvest shrimp from the gulf," Brian (above) told us.

“That ain’t the way this is going to play out. If anything, the cameras being here have compelled outside interests, the government and BP to kick this into another gear.

“I think that with all due respect, the president might have had his scenario off by 180 degrees,” Brian continued.

“So we’ll keep coming back here. We won’t take our eyes off this region. And we haven’t since we knew we had a category-five storm off the coastline five years ago.”

Brian also expressed concern for the Continue reading