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BlogTalkRadio Today: How to Get Highwire-Sharp Focus | 06.12.13

‘King of the Highwire’ Nik wallenda Talks fear & Focus

by Barry Farber in BUSINESS

Nik Wallenda is a seventh-generation member of the Flying Wallendas. On June 23, Discovery Channel airs his Skywire Live event from 1,500 feet above the Grand Canyon. Hear him speak on fear and focus.

What’s nExt for ‘Voice’ Eliminated country artist holly tucker

by Film Festival Radio in ENTERTAINMENT

Holly Tucker was recently eliminated from NBC’s blockbuster show The Voice, but her career has only just begun. Hear what’s next for this talented young country singer.

‘The Sports Chick’ talks NBA Finals, tim tebow & more


The newest TSCRN show features Robyn “The Sports Chick” Vandenberg, who’s loud, opinionated and rants against Lebron James haters. Tune in for Spurs-Heat action, Tim Tebow talk and more! 

Oprah Author on Spiritual partnerships & authentic power

by It’s All About You in SELF-HELP

Bestselling author (Seat of the Soul) and a frequent guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Gary Zukav talks about his new book, Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power.

Get ready for Father’s Day with ‘fathers on filM’

by Betty Jo Tucker in MOVIES

Movie Addict HQ celebrates Father’s Day by talking fathers in film. Noted critics Nell Minow and A.J. Hakari share their picks for “Top 5 Movies About Dads” and the best dad actors.

Overheard: Celebrate Mom, from Extreme to Green to Beauty Queen | 05.10.13

every mother counts: supermodel christy Turlington’s global fight

by MomThoughts Show in WOMEN

Every 2 seconds around the world, a woman loses her life in childbirth. Supermodel Christy Turlington suffered a life-threatening complication during the birth of her first child, and now she’s founded Every Mother Counts, a global initiative to ensure every woman survives while bringing new life into the world.

Extreme mom gina Fenton shares stories from her castle of chaos

by The Change Guru in MOMS AND FAMILY

“Extreme Mom” Gina Fenton, mother of four teens, uses social media to share her in-the-trenches stories and support other moms. Her sharp wit and dead-honest delivery have gained her a faithful following.

gardening tips for mom’s green thumb

by Lillian Brummet in GARDENING

Top blogger Kathryn Hall is a devoted mom and author of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden. Get tips on storm cleanup, guarding seedlings and how not to plant too much.

mTv’s ‘Teen mom’ farrah abraham’s hit show & new book


MTV’s Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, discusses her hit show, her new book, life as a mom and the film she sold for more than $1 million.

‘Movie Mom’ nell minow’s 50 must-see Wedding Movies

by Betty Jo Tucker in MOVIES

Spend Mother’s Day weekend watching chick flicks! Critic and “Movie Mom” Nell Minow shares her book of top wedding movies. She’s also authored the book 50 Must-See Movies: Mothers.

‘All My Children’ Star Marcus Patrick, ‘MythBusters’ Star Tory Belleci, Hoodoo Gurus frontman Dave Falkner and More Today on BlogTalkRadio

marcus-patrick5Marcus Patrick: The actor who played Jamal Cudahy on All My Children tells H8terade Radio why he took a break from showbiz to live on a farm in Hawaii. “Having had the record deals, the soap-opera deals, the film deals,” he says, “I realized it wasn’t that fulfilling.”

tori-bellaci1Tory Belleci: The special-effects guru, who has worked for Industrial Light and Magic a model builder and painter—and currently co-hosts Discovery Channel’s MythBusters—chats with World Footprints hosts Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick about his recent trip to earthquake-devastated Haiti, and how it changed his life.

dave-falknerDave Falkner: The frontman for Aussie rockers Hoodoo Gurus—who charted in the ’80s with tracks like Leilani, Tojo and Bittersweet—drops in on Icon Fetch host Tony Peters to fill us in on the band’s first new album in 6 years, Purity of Essence.

diane-hart1Diane Hart: The executive editor of Oxygen magazine, which covers women’s fitness, stops by Best Ever You to offer hosts Elizabeth Hamilton and Katie Eastman her list of simple food substitutions that can help you slim down as the holiday season shifts into high gear.

nell-minowNell Minow: The daughter of former FCC Chairman Newton Minow—whose weekly parental advisories on the latest movie releases appear in the Chicago Sun-Times—drops in on Movie Addict Headquarters host Betty Jo Tucker to chat about hot holiday flick picks.