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Find Out What ‘Power to the People’ Really Means | 04.26.13

what the black panthers really meant by ‘power to the people’

by African History Network in CULTURE

Bobby Seale, co-founder of The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, talks about the organization’s history, including the true meaning of terms like “Power to the People” and “Black Power.”

NFL Draft: Pick by pick with Former Jacksonville Jaguar tom McManus

by The Couch Potato in SPORTS

Pick-by-pick coverage of the NFL Draft, with special guest Tom McManus, former linebacker with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

QVC Host Susan Matthews Spring Cleans Your home

by Janet M. Taylor in LIFE

QVC host and lifestyle expert Susan Matthews shares spring cleaning tips ways to help you eliminate the clutter.

Guitar legend john Mclaughlin on storytellers

by Storytellers in MUSIC

Guitar legend John McLaughlin is still going strong after four decades in the biz. Jeff Beck declared him “the best guitarist alive” in 2010. McLaughlin discusses his tour and his latest album, Now Here This.

award-winning poet michael warr honors national poetry month

by Talkupy in POETRY

It’s National Poetry Month! Award-winning poet Michael Warr‘s poems have been dramatized in the theatre, depicted on canvas and featured in a TEDx interactive writing and mentoring workshop.

NFL Draft Day Is Here | 04.25.13

NFL Draft: round 1 Preview

by Draft Countdown in SPORTS

It’s Day 1 of the NFL Draft, so tune in for predictions and analysis to get you ready for tonight’s Round 1 picks! Later today, at 3:30 EST, get more pregame on the Draft Day Extravaganza.

‘idol’ Taylor HickS on STage fright, acting & his new Album

by Take 2 Radio Music in MUSIC

One of the most-loved American Idol winners, Taylor Hicks chats about his Vegas show, his upcoming album and, as one of the last cab fares out of Hurricane Katrina, his belief in the protective powers of fate.

10 Business Financing Myths for entrepreneurs

by Launch Talk with Tai Goodwin in BUSINESS

Karlene Sinclair-Robinson, author of Spank The Bank: THE Guide to Alternative Business Financing, shares tips on business financing for startups, small businesses and struggling entrepreneurs. 

Tribeca Film festival: ‘Whitewash’ star thomas haden church

by Milling About in FILM

From the Tribeca Film Festival, Robin Milling talks with actor Thomas Haden Church about his film Whitewash, and how he endured below-freezing temps in the mountains of Montreal during filming.

Good eats to protect you from Chemicals in Everyday Products

by The Jazzy Vegetarian in FOOD

Janice Stanger, author of The Perfect Formula Diet, talks about toxic chemicals in personal care and cleaning products and how a whole foods, plant-based diet protects against the effects of chemicals.